Sam Turner & Sons Ltd.

Case Study - Improving operational efficiency

Implementing OrderWise

Although Sam Turner had already invested in historic computer and ERP systems, they did not provide the level of operational efficiency required to facilitate their planned business growth. As a continually developed, modular-based solution, OrderWise provides Sam Turner with the scalability to meet current and future demands.

“We’re more efficient and more automated, but that hasn’t meant we need to get rid of staff, we’ve been able to repurpose them. Using staff more efficiently has increased profit margins.”

Ian Place, Company Accountant

Key benefits

OrderWise also provided Sam Turner with the power to streamline their operations through automation and integration within their warehouses, offices, stores and transportation operations.

50,000 monthly orders

through EPOS with no additional costs.

570% Increase

in average monthly online orders.

100,000 Increase

in active customers.

20% Increase

in annual turnover.

16% Increase

in annual net profit.

18% Increase

in monthly order processing.

Meeting customers’ expectations

With increasing demand comes increasing pressure to meet growing demand and expectations. With OrderWise, achieving this is seamless for Sam Turner.

“Customer expectations have completely peaked due to Amazon. People used to be happy to wait 4 or 5 days for an order, now, 2 days is too long. Everything is shifting to next day delivery. Customers expect a response within minutes, whereas before it would be days. OrderWise has helped with that because we can respond to customers and get orders out the door a lot quicker.”

Dene Goodwin, Ecommerce Manager

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Download the full Sam Turner case study

Find out more about Sam Turner’s journey with OrderWise, the impact the ERP software has had on staff and their achievements post-implementation.

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