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Whether a business is busy all year round or has seasonal trends throughout, the hunt for sales is consistently at the forefront of any company.

Sales and profitability are the lifeline of a business with even a modest increase potentially triggering additional cash flow that can fund other key operational activity. With the clear value of increasing revenue, it is important to regularly look at innovative and refreshing ways to attack the market and win sales.

Already, OrderWise has opened a wealth of on-the-go sales possibilities with the innovative OrderWise app that was introduced last year and continues to be enhanced month by month. The comprehensive mobile software keeps your sales staff in touch with their OrderWise data whilst out on-the-road visiting existing customers, meeting potential clients or attending trade shows.

With multiple new features added this month, the app offers businesses looking to sell in more dynamic ways the functionality they need to stay ahead of the market. As the new financial year gets underway, this added functionality makes the OrderWise app even more valuable to businesses seeking a refresh in their sales revenues.

Drill Down Further Into Your Mobile BI Data

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Choosing to mobilise your sales vastly widens your market, but a workforce out on the road still needs to have the right data available to maximise each sales opportunity. Having meaningful data to hand for specific customers can provide intelligent insights needed to close more sales. Without it, important opportunities can be missed and staff effectiveness decreased as efforts are focused on manually gathering information rather than selling.

Without vital statistics at their fingertips, staff trying to conduct out-of-office deals can struggle as the data insights they need is passed back and forth from the office. This can result in a reduced concentration of sales being converted to completed deals and, consequently, a decreasing anticipated profit for the year.

Already combatting this, Business Intelligence on the OrderWise App allows up-to-the-minute customer data to be viewed, segmented, filtered and manipulated from a variety of entry points for detailed analysis. Using an intuitive interface, companies can easily compare performance based on quantity sold or profitability between chosen trading periods, drilling down to investigate even further at the touch of a screen. In just seconds, staff can spot previously unknown patterns, identify key relationships that may be down on sales, address any cause for concern and uncover information from grids or easy-to-interpret graphs that would otherwise stay hidden.

Extending this insight, now OrderWise has added four additional BI queries within the app for even greater data analysis. With the ability to drill-down in more ways than ever, users can continue to deliver first-rate customer service and make even better sales decisions. The 4 additional grids now available within the app are:

Category Query > Categories

Category Query > Products

Category Query > Variants

Product Query > Variants

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With these new angles now available for users to drill-down into, businesses can transform sales opportunities using educated decisions. With more knowledge than ever and the freedom to analyse information on-the-go, productivity is increased and businesses can identify leakage faster than ever before.

Up-To-Date Delivery And Invoice Visibility When Offline

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Businesses using mobile apps already know that the major benefit lies in their data being accessible everywhere they go. Being able to retrieve relevant information such as previous invoices and delivery notes can provide fast, accurate answers to customer questions, however when wireless connectivity becomes hard to find staff may find they lose access to this key information.

Without having the flexibility to retrieve the same data that would be found in the office when on-the-road, a company may find service levels dropping by simply not having the right information on hand to pass to customers. This can drastically reduce customer satisfaction as clients may feel they’re being left in the dark about the progress of their orders. Therefore, if staff aren’t armed with this information when internet connectivity drops, this can cause a loss in confidence that can ultimately result in negative impacts on bottom line profitability.

With this in mind, OrderWise has identified that access to key data when working offline is an essential way of creating reliability within your client base. That’s why this month we have introduced the ability for users to effortlessly synchronise delivery and invoice information for viewing offline. The new feature provides an option in the settings to refresh delivery and invoice data, ensuring the very latest details within the chosen date range are kept up to date on synchronisation. Users interacting with customers on-the-road are then capable of instantly providing invoice history or delivery information even outside of WiFi connectivity zones, further widening the capabilities of the OrderWise mobile app.

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By putting this new functionality to use, app users are provided with the greater visibility they need to answer customer questions and ensure confidence in their operations. Furthermore, having this knowledge even when away from the office can propel customer satisfaction as clients can rest easy with instant answers to their delivery and invoicing enquiries.

Further Functionality Added To Impressive BI Alerts Feature On Mobile

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Whether on-the-go or in the office there are always new opportunities waiting to be captured or requiring attention. Without the right tools and timing to help companies identify key patterns at the right time, many lack the information they need to make accurate decisions on where to focus their sales efforts. To ensure this leakage is plugged at the source and sales opportunities are fully maximised, businesses need to not only know have the information they need available but also automatically notify staff when something of importance arises in their data.

Additional to the already extensive functionality added this month, the popular BI Alerts module that was recently added to the OrderWise app has been enhanced to bring it more in line with the capabilities of this module within the main system.

For businesses using the BI Alerts module, functionality already exists that actively notifies users as key information is identified which is also available in the intuitive app for alerts on-the-go. Many of these alerts have a reference that provides detailed and useful information, e.g. transaction or order number. Visibility of these references was already available within the main system version of OrderWise BI Alerts, however now this has feature has been replicated in the mobile version too.

This allows users to now swipe across from the alert screen on the app to view the relevant reference, viewing this important information regarding that specific alert.

By having access to these references, whether they are an order number, the ID of a specific transaction or something else entirely, users can now benefit from being able to quickly source data and documentation relating to their alerts. This in-turn speeds up processes and increases the visibility of information available with the mobile version of the BI Alerts module.

Restrict Customers From Your Apps Data

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With all of this newly introduced functionality, users may need to restrict specific customer data from being viewable on the app if they have no need to see this information when on-the-go. Providing this control, the final OrderWise App enhancement this month allows certain customers and any related records to be excluded from the app, helping businesses to limit data displayed in grids to just what is necessary.

Thanks to this continued development of the OrderWise app, users can remain on top of their sales activity from anywhere and at any time with the very latest Android technology. With this month’s multiple new additions, OrderWise app users are offered even greater assistance when looking to stay connected to their data and maximise sales opportunities whilst on-the-move.

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For more information on OrderWise For Android, check out our listing on the Google Play Store HERE.

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