Save Time & Eliminate Mistakes With New Store EPOS Additions

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If you run a physical store, an effective EPOS system is essential to ensuring the smooth running of your business.

You need to be able to process transactions both quickly and accurately, whilst also having the stock visibility to ensure that each sales opportunity is captured. With OrderWise Store EPOS, our software already makes serving clients in-store a highly efficient and streamlined process, even at peak times.

With instant visibility of all products across your entire estate, including stock held in other branches, warehouses and your supply chain, our Store EPOS helps you capture more sales whether you’re trading through a handful or hundreds of stores.

With our Store EPOS software always continuously enhanced, version 19.7 of OrderWise sees two new additions to further help users when processing both their retail and counter sales.

store epos

Streamline order processing with Default Delivery Stock Location

To capture as many sales as possible, businesses trading through physical stores will look to offer flexibility when it comes to order fulfilment. In many cases goods will be picked up in store and simply taken away that day, however they may also be reserved for collection or delivered directly to a designated address.

epos stock location

When goods are asked to be delivered, in most instances the stock will be taken from the branch where the order was placed or shipped from a central distribution warehouse. Without the means to record this information, staff may find that they are having to manually enter a delivery stock location each time a customer asks for the goods to be delivered to them. By leaving this up to staff, businesses risk the wrong stock location being used, as well as slower processing times that can lead to growing queues.

Therefore, to help prevent these issues, OrderWise Store EPOS users can now set a nominated delivery stock location on a per store basis. This means that when a sales order line is marked for delivery, the default stock location will be used so that staff don’t need to set this every time. This will not only speed up processing for these orders, but also minimise the risk of any mistakes.

Keep staff in the know with EPOS Customer Messages

When it comes to processing on-account trade orders over the counter, it is important to keep staff informed regarding the customer they are serving. Although key customer account details might already be available should staff need to refer to them, there might be information staff need to know before processing an on-account sale. For example, if staff need to ask customers about any recent account activity or outstanding invoices they have due before any new orders are taken, businesses may want a visible on-screen prompt to make their sales team aware.

EPOS message

Facilitating this, customer messages have now also been added to OrderWise Store EPOS. Completely customisable to display exactly the information/reminders you want to get across to your sales team, these messages will simply pop-up upon the selection of a customer account. This helps to avoid any crucial information being missed, ensuring account customers are always handled correctly.

For more information on OrderWise Store EPOS, contact our team on 01522 704083.

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