Save Now, Look Later! Mobile App Feature Allows Customer Reports To Be Viewed Anywhere

mobile app customer reports

Businesses using mobile apps already know that the major benefit lies in their data being accessible everywhere they go. Being able to retrieve customer information can provide fast, accurate answers to many daily operations when on-the-go. However when wireless connectivity becomes hard to find, staff may find they lose access to this key information. Without the flexibility to retrieve the same data that would be found in the office when out on-the-road, staff may find the service levels they provide start to drop as they don’t have access to the right information at the right time.

This can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction as they could end up feeling staff are less knowledgeable than expected. Therefore, if staff are not able to armed with all the information they need when internet connectivity drops, this can cause a loss in confidence that can ultimately damage bottom line profitability.

Solving this, the OrderWise Mobile App already provides sales staff with a wealth of data and functionality on-the-go and in the 18.6 release, users are now provided with another enhancement to our exciting mobile sales tool that allows users to run a Customer Summary report and then store it locally on the device.

Store Customer Reports Locally

OW customer reports

With this valuable functionality, Mobile App users are now given the ability to access the information on this report at any point. By being able to access the Customer Summary Report offline, App users can have the peace of mind that they have access to the key information they need when they need it, allowing them to adequately answer customer questions and ensure confidence in their operations.

This new feature ensures customer satisfaction levels remain high by allowing staff to spend less time searching for information and more time maximising sales.

For more information on the Android app and this valuable new functionality please contact our Client Account Management team on;

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