OrderWise Features To Record Multiple Invoice Addresses For Sales

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Effectively handling customer invoices is an essential part of any business operation, with accurate maintenance of billing addresses key to ensuring invoices arrive to customers on time.

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Things can become complicated if a customer pays via numerous divisions of their business based across multiple sites or have simply moved their primary business address to a new location.

For these instances, businesses will want to ensure they keep a record of all invoice addresses, so that they can guarantee their invoices will go to the right place and they can get paid. Without this, companies may find their invoices get erroneously sent to the wrong address, resulting in delayed or unmade payments.

Optimise your customer invoicing with OrderWise

With OrderWise Invoicing, businesses are already able to set the invoicing frequency for each of their customers, as well as fully automate invoice posting over to OrderWise Accounts or utilise one-click posting to popular accounts systems like Sage or QuickBooks.

Now this month we have added new functionality that enables OrderWise users to add multiple invoice addresses to their customer records, the same way they can already record multiple delivery addresses. These invoice addresses can be simply and easily added to a customer record, and then selected when creating a sales order. New addresses can also be imported through the OrderWise eCommerce module, with existing addresses also accurately matched through the first line of the address and postcode.

With this simple but useful new addition, businesses processing invoices through OrderWise can now benefit from the flexibility of being able to record multiple billing addresses against their customers if required. Through using OrderWise Invoicing, businesses can ensure that payments are made accurately and on time, helping to maintain healthy company cash flow.

To find out more about how OrderWise can help with your customer and supplier invoicing, speak to our team on 01522 704083.

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