B2C Europe New Courier Integration

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With over 40 popular courier integrations available, OrderWise already provides an accurate and efficient solution to the time-consuming process of rekeying delivery details. With OrderWise Courier Integration, businesses can eliminate errors by having delivery and consignment details automatically transferred to the relevant courier service, providing a far more streamlined method of despatch management.

What’s more through OrderWise Delivery Rules, businesses can further automate their despatch process by automating courier selection based on various aspects of the outgoing order, such as delivery country, weight or volume. By using this tool, businesses can benefit from having the optimum delivery method set for every order, ensuring the most cost-effective selection is always chosen.

B2C joins our ever-growing list of Courier Integrations

Now extending the functionality of these two new modules in the 19.1 release of OrderWise, a brand-new link with B2C Europe has been made available. Adding to the long list of courier integrations available within OrderWise, B2C Europe are an independent logistics partner that offer a full range of international distribution options for eCommerce businesses.

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By providing more courier services like B2C Europe, users can further benefit from multiple seamlessly integrated services to ensure despatch operations are always handled at the best possible cost.

If you require any further information on this extensive courier integration, please contact us on 01522 704083.

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