New OrderWise Features To Assist With GDPR Compliance

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There has been an awful lot of talk about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on the 25th May, designed to enhance and align the privacy right of EU citizens, it has replaced the Data Protection Act (1998) which applies to personal data of individuals. Since GDPR came into effect, it is more important than ever to ensure the correct procedures are in place to follow the new regulations.

GDPR has been introduced to bring data protection laws in line with how people’s data is being used, ultimately dictating how businesses can behave regarding personal data. If businesses do not adhere to the regulations or lack the adequate IT security to protect personal data, they could be heavily fined.

Here at OrderWise we had already been busy preparing for the new regulation since 2016, and now to ensure users are adhering to GDPR, version 18.6 sees multiple new features introduced to help our clients with their compliancy.

In-System Additions To Help Your GDPR Compliance

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Following our commitment to aid our customers with their compliancy when processing data, each customer contact form within OrderWise will now display three new fields; lawful basis to store and process, last updated and last updated by. Using the drop down, users can provide details on the consent given and when for each contact. The data in these fields can also now be brought through to the main customer contact list for easy and direct access to the information when required.

Offering full visibility to your contact records helps provide consistency and adherence with these essential GDPR regulations. Thanks to these additional features within OrderWise, businesses can benefit from having the tools they need to ensure they are remaining compliant with how they hold customer data.

Redact Customer Details From Directly Within Trade Portal

In addition to these new in-system features, the OrderWise Trade Portal now offers a simple yet valuable feature that allows users to mark any customer wishing to have their data removed as ‘redacted’ from within the Admin Customer Details page. In line with the recently introduced law, this one-click button will eradicate all personal data shown on the Admin Customer Details page as well as in system, replacing the details with the word ‘redacted’. The company details that this customer is specifically assigned to will also be removed.

GDPR 450 | Orderwise

By providing this new feature, Trade Portal users can warrant that their use of personal data is compliant with GDPR and they are offering an honest procedure in the right for a customer to have their data removed. This not only safeguards the company but also provides a sense of security for visitors to the Trade Portal, allowing for excellent customer service levels to be achieved.

For more information on these valuable new additions to both the OrderWise Trade Portal and the main OrderWise software, please contact us on 01522 704083.

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