Visibility Of Supplier Stock Quantities To Help Meet Customer Demand

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Having the correct point-of-sale interface installed is crucial for any business, whether managing one or a number of different stores. Hand in hand with this, providing a positive customer shopping experience and maximising sales is at the forefront for any company looking to boost profitability through bricks-and-mortar store trading.

Challenges can arise during peak seasons when stock quantities for popular items can deplete quicker and maybe even cause items to sell out altogether. During busy retail seasons like Christmas, staff will need the ability to see what their suppliers have in stock so that they can order in or reserve items for customers when goods have sold out in store.

Without this visibility of supplier stock quantities at the point of sale, businesses will struggle to fulfil their customers purchasing requirements. With shoppers leaving the stores completely empty handed, this will not only impact customer satisfaction but also result in missed sales opportunities.

Added Functionality In Store EPOS To Help Maximise Sales During Seasonal Peaks

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OrderWise Store EPOS already provides powerful touch screen technology that makes serving clients a highly efficient and streamlined process, even at peak times. Regardless of whether you’re trading through one or hundreds of stores, Store EPOS boasts complete data visibility within your shops that helps drive staff to meet and exceed their sales targets.

In the latest release, OrderWise has introduced new delivery stock levels that staff can access and view at the point of sale. Through an integrated stock feed, this will show supplier stock figures for specific products and will be displayed within the available to order section. Depending on whether stock is ordered in or manufactured, OrderWise EPOS users also have the flexibility to include supplier stock quantities, available to build quantities or indeed both.

Thanks to this new feature, OrderWise Store EPOS significantly increases the visibility of available stock for staff so that they have the key information they need at crucial times. This also provides flexibility to fulfil demand from supplier stock quantities through the available to order section so that more sales opportunities can be closed during the busiest periods. This will not only lead to increased customer satisfaction but will also help to boost profits as customers are delivered the products that they want.

For more information on this new functionality in store EPOS, contact our Client Account Management team on 01522 704083

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