Supplier Price Requests To Maximise Sales Order Profit Margins

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Many businesses take orders for products that they do not physically hold in stock, instead purchasing from a supplier at the point of sale. In an ever-competitive market, having visibility of prices from suppliers is essential to ensuring costs remain low and profit margins stay high.

Businesses who raise special orders or create customised work for clients will firstly need to get a price request from their suppliers for materials before producing the final price for their customers to ensure a profit. Without the capability of choosing the best-priced stock, profitability is quickly affected and businesses may find they are even making losses on orders.

Manually contacting suppliers for a price request on an item can slow the process of the sale, leading to poor customer service and no repeat custom. Additionally, this can lead to mistakes being made where prices are incorrectly recorded, adding issues down the line where customers receive the wrong price . Businesses working in this way simply require functionality that can optimise this process and ensure the best price is selected every time.

Already providing extensive functionality to this process, the OrderWise Sales module provides users with quick and easy order processing. Designed with the sales person in mind the OrderWise Sales module has a fast and intuitive interface, enabling staff to provide exceptional customer service each and every time. With instant access to relevant information, including supplier details, combined with comprehensive features and functionality, the OrderWise Sales module ensures the profitability of each opportunity is always fully maximised. (Read more about OrderWise Sales here)

Always Obtain The Best Possible Price From Your Suppliers

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In version 18.7 of OrderWise, the functionality within the sales order screen has been further improved to now automate price requests when determining the most suitable supplier.

Users now have the ability to efficiently process a sales order or quotation with price requests to be automatically created for appropriate suppliers, which can then be processed as a direct order or normal purchase order.

When the sales order is edited, the cost from the price requests is shown and the most appropriate option can be added as the selected supplier. Using this feature, users can automatically achieve the best possible price from suppliers for their stock, allowing profit margins on orders to be fully optimised. Additionally, a more efficient and streamlined sales order process can be achieved effortlessly providing staff with quick information they need to service customers effectively.

Thanks to this simple, yet effective new feature, businesses using OrderWise can further benefit from more cost-effective and efficient processes.

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