New Pack Scan Feature To Increase Visibility

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Businesses of all sizes are continually seeking to improve their warehouse operations, ensuring streamlined processes are maintained and orders are quickly fulfilled to keep customers satisfied. With the goal of improving accuracy and efficiency within the warehouse, one of the difficulties that companies can face is a lack of visibility when in the picking/packing stage of despatch.

One area in particular where a lack of visibility can lead to a range of issues within your despatch process is when important special instructions are not provided to packing staff. Do you currently have the ability to effectively pass through special instructions on an order to the packing team?

Without digital special instructions there will be an increase in paper picking notes to get passed to packers. This means the likelihood of issues arising is a lot greater if picking notes are lost or not handed over to packers at all. Ultimately this can halt or stop the despatch process and inhibits customer satisfaction, damaging business profitability and deterring repeat custom to the business.

Solving this, OrderWise already provides the use of cutting edge barcode scanning technology to allow the process of despatch to be more productive amongst staff. Implementing barcode scanners increases the speed and accuracy of everyday warehouse tasks therefore widening the scope of efficiency for your company.

Know Exactly What The Customer Expects

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This month has seen brand new functionality added to OrderWise Despatch, specifically in the Pack Scan stage of warehouse processes. A new setting has been added enabling the special instructions of the order to appear before the packing process commences. This enhances the visibility of what is needed by the customer and decreases the likelihood of mistakes being made, which in turn will drive customer satisfaction and profitability to your business.

For more information around this new functionality, contact our Client Account Management team today on 01522 704083.

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