Greater Flexibility & Efficiency With Batch Call Offs & Order Line Scheduling

Negotiating the supply of a product and then splitting delivery across a weekly, monthly or yearly schedule is not uncommon, however how businesses choose to handle this process can massively vary.

Although some businesses will simply create new orders each time, once pricing and delivery timescales have been agreed, it is usually faster and simpler to manage this within a single sales order. Our batch call offs & order line scheduling can make this even easier.

Bulk sales orders are a popular solution within many industries, particularly construction where supply for a whole project will be agreed, with goods then received at different stages across the build. This can help to eliminate the potential for over supply, as well as any resulting payment issues.

Achieve structured management of your bulk orders with OrderWise

sales order

However, if a business is raising a lot of bulk orders, the individual processing of subsequent call off contracts or splitting of order lines can cause a lot of time to be spent on order creation and other administrative tasks. This essentially negates the efficiency gains associated with raising the bulk order in the first place. Therefore, if businesses are regularly splitting sales orders across multiple promised dates for their customers, it is important to have a structured and streamlined solution for handling the order processing.

Giving customers the confidence that their agreed pricing is maintained and call off schedules are met, OrderWise Bulk Orders already provides the fast, visible and accurate controls that companies processing these types of orders require. Now this month sees two new additions to our Bulk Orders and standard Sales Order functionality to enable multiple call offs to be created and order lines to be scheduled at once.

A new feature to easily split and schedule sales order lines

To help businesses avoid having to process large volumes of scheduled orders individually, our scheduled orders functionality has been updated this month to now enable the scheduling of individual lines too. This means OrderWise users can now create sales order lines with different scheduled promised dates within a single order.

By right clicking on a sales order line and selecting line options, users can now duplicate or split a line across a weekly, monthly or yearly schedule of promised dates. By having this option available, businesses using OrderWise Sales Order Processing can benefit from multi-line scheduling within a single sales order, allowing for more efficient and convenient management.

Quickly generate multiple call off orders at once with new Batch Call Off feature

Batch call offs

For those using OrderWise Bulk Orders, similar functionality has also been added to enable multiple call off orders to now be generated in a single batch. With the relevant user group setting enabled, a new Batch Create Call Off function will be available within all the key Bulk Order grids. When selected, a new form displaying all outstanding bulk order lines within the stated date range for the highlighted customer will appear. Multiple lines can then be selected for quick call off creation, with any orders created using the promised date and delivery address specified at the top of the form.

Thanks to these two useful new additions, any business processing large quantities of bulk or scheduled orders can now benefit from more streamlined processing by being able to create multiple orders in one single pass. This will enable huge amounts of time to be saved, providing simple and structured management over this more complex order processing.

To find out more about how OrderWise can help with bulk order processing or day-to-day order management, call our team on 01522 704083.

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