Keep Your Front Line Sales Team Ahead Of The Game With Our New Features

When it comes to order processing, it is important that your staff have the tools to make the whole process as fast and simple as possible.

In addition, you want to make sure that staff are regularly hitting sales targets by maximizing the average value and profit margin of each order. With OrderWise Sales Order Processing, staff are already provided with all the tools and visibility they need to maximise sales performance and improve their processing capabilities. Now with version 19.8 of OrderWise, four more new features have now been added to further help businesses streamline their daily trading.


Protect your profits with minimum sales order margin indicator

Sales Order Margin | Orderwise

When it comes to closing a sale, staff may sometimes have to negotiate with customers to get their orders over the line. To ensure these negotiations are carefully controlled, businesses should ensure they have measures in place to prevent staff from over-discounting and causing accidental profit loss.

To help with this, a new minimum sales order margin indicator has been added to the OrderWise Sales Order entry screen. Now once the relevant setting is applied, if the total margin percentage for an order line is below the set minimum, this field will be highlighted in red. If it is above the minimum margin, the total margin percentage field for the order line will be highlighted in green. This acts as a clear indicator to your sales staff, providing the visibility they need to negotiate prices effectively, while also ensuring that your bottom line doesn’t suffer.


Alert staff to active promotions with new variant message start/end dates

EPOS Variant messages | Orderwise

Product promotions, offers and discounts are a great way for businesses to encourage further customer spend and improve their average order value. Therefore, it is important to keep sales staff alerted to any current offers so that they can be proactive when pushing promotions, particularly to customers that are already purchasing items included in any active offers.

Assisting with this, an enhancement has been made to OrderWise variant messages this month to allow users to now set a start and end date. By being able to apply a timeframe for when these pop-up variant messages should display, this enables businesses to easily keep staff alerted to product promotions during the time they are active. Working with both the main Sales Order entry screen as well as OrderWise Store EPOS, this new feature will help give staff the insight they need to push promotions and increase the average value of orders received across all sales channels.


Control global discounts by customer type

It is not uncommon for businesses to apply a global discount on an order if a customer is spending over a certain amount, with incremental further discounts depending on the volume being purchased. For example, 5% discount may be offered on a £100 spend, with 10% then offered a £200 spend and so on. On the flip side, businesses may want to apply a small surcharge if an order is under a certain amount. However, with some businesses selling to both trade and retail customers, the discounts or surcharges may be different depending on the bracket into which the customer falls.

Within OrderWise already, users have the capabilities of being able to automatically apply global discounts or surcharges if an order hits upper or lower value limits.

Now, an enhancement to this feature gives users the ability to control discounts and surcharges by different customer types. By being able to set lower and upper limits for discounts and surcharges based on customer type, businesses can now have different levels of discount applied depending on whether the customer is trade or retail. With these then being applied automatically, businesses can always ensure accuracy and price control.


Easily switch between different tax rates with new override feature

Tax Rates Override | Orderwise

As well as offering different levels of discount, when it comes to dealing with retail and trade customers, there are other ways in which the sales process can often be quite different. When discussing pricing, sales staff may often refer to a net price with trade customers, but then include tax and give the gross price to their retail customers. For businesses operating like this, staff will need to have the ability to easily switch between net and gross pricing, so that when a customer calls in to place an order, they can quickly gain visibility of the correct price.

Now providing the ability to achieve this in OrderWise, a new price tax override feature has been added this month. Against their customers, users can now set a tax override that controls whether prices will be displayed as net or gross. This means for any business taking orders over the phone, they can now have the price automatically adjusted to display the price including or excluding tax depending on whether the customer is trade or retail.


Thanks to all these new additions, businesses using OrderWise Sales can benefit from faster, even more logical order processing, with further automation that also helps to boost and protect profitability.

If you’d like to know more about any of these new features, give us a call on 01522 704083.

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