Leon Paul

Customer success story 

Discover how Leon Paul achieved operational excellence and aligned their business processes to reflect their exceptional quality control and product innovation.

Leon Paul

Implementing OrderWise 

Back in 2017, Leon Paul was already considered to produce the best quality fencing equipment, but as the business stretched globally and orders continued to increase, the business’ service levels and order management were starting to struggle under the volume of tasks.

Watch the system in action

We visited the Leon Paul premises in central London to learn how the business has developed since implementing OrderWise.

£3 million increase

in yearly turnover.

96% faster

courier booking processes.

35-40% additional capacity

before having to take on additional costs.

Hours saved

per day through the accessibility of one system.

100% increase

in order processing.

1 central system

manages all operations.

Download Leon Paul’s full case study

leon paul orderwise case study download