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Discover how DMS Flooring Supplies Ltd achieved unprecedented efficiency and growth with the transformative power of ERP.

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Implementing Orderwise

As DMS began to find more success, the business found that their previous system was too basic and heavily manual to meeting their growing requirements and increased pace of productivity. With insufficient stock control provided by their previous system, it was starting to prevent DMS from developing further.

Watch the system in action

In this video case study, find out how DMS Flooring uses Orderwise to gain greater control of their daily processes and streamline their warehouse operations with Orderwise Mobile WMS.


across core operations

Back-to-back ordering

alleviating pressure on the buying department

Tailored system

that grows with requirements

New branches

planned to be opened in the future

Handheld terminals

eliminating paperwork

End-to-end visibility

on stock and supply chain operations

“The biggest enhancement with Orderwise is the ability to do stock transfers between branches, we have much better tracking of stock and when we plan to open new branches in the future, it takes literally seconds to set up a new branch within Orderwise.”

David Gowling, Director 

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Download the written DMS Flooring Supplies case study

Explore more on DMS Flooring Supplies’ journey with Orderwise and the transformation the business has undergone since implementation.