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Target The Right Audience & Streamline Operations With The New OrderWise Marketing Module

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Although there are many possibilities available to help businesses run marketing campaigns to promote their business, brand and offerings, it can be time-consuming passing data back and forth between systems. Businesses will need to dedicate staff time to constantly moving customer and contact data between back end systems and their chosen marketing platforms. This disintegrated process is anything but cost effective resulting in a large part of the company’s budget being wasted on laborious data transfer tasks.

All Of Your Marketing Needs Into One Platform

This time spent moving data will have a knock on effect in productivity within the workplace as valuable staff efforts are focused on sowing seeds rather than reaping the benefits of the results. Add in the time needed to run through data to highlight the customers or potential clients that need to be targeted by these marketing campaigns and suddenly the cost of running these campaigns quickly escalates passed any initial budgets set aside.

With the goal of these marketing campaigns being to generate additional profits, an all-in-one system to manage company operations is needed so that full productivity within the Marketing sector can be achieved and potential revenue fully optimised. Therefore finding a business solution that incorporates all of your marketing needs into one platform is essential to keeping costs down whilst getting the most back from their investment in return.

OrderWise Introduces All New Marketing Module

Delivering this solution, a brand new module has been introduced this month that allows businesses to very quickly create contact lists and automate the management of setting up their subsequent marketing campaigns. The all new OrderWise Marketing module arrives to not only unite the processes of passing data between your back end OrderWise system and chosen marketing platform, but also revolutionise the way contacts are targeted and segmented.

Currently integrating with both MailChimp and CommuniGator, this valuable module will allow users to seamlessly set up and run their marketing campaigns to selected contacts from directly within OrderWise. As the data held against customers within the main system holds a wealth of useful information already such as what their job role is, what business sector they’re from and if they have been recently quoted or placed an order, the various marketing angles from which customers can be targeted from within OrderWise is extensive. Users can set up segmentation groups, such as ‘Industry Type’, for existing customers within the main OrderWise system and utilise this information when creating campaigns.

Using a selection of over 35 queries to set up the campaign, users can add sub queries to concentrate their target audience and attract more accurate customer interest. Statistics from campaigns run will then be retrieved directly into the OrderWise system and will constantly refresh, showing permitted users exactly who displayed interaction with the campaign either by opening or clicking the email. This allows businesses to easily dissect contacts of interest as well as identify where issues could lay.

Turn Marketing Efforts Into Profit With Ease

The dynamic module also effortlessly binds with the OrderWise CRM module as licenced users have the added functionality of creating opportunities off the back of campaign results. This feature further enhances the comprehensive software OrderWise provides by providing businesses with one integrated system for all of their needs. And by combining the Marketing module with our Business Intelligence and recently released BI Alerts module, businesses can set up alerts on a specific event that can then prompt staff to then set up a marketing campaign targeting these customers as a result. By combining the power of these modules to create a comprehensive suite of Sales & Marketing software, businesses can deliver an intuitive sales strategy that will prove hugely beneficial for company growth.

With this monumental new addition to OrderWise, marketing campaigns can now be run quickly and simply through the main OrderWise system, with businesses able to reduce their time spent shifting data and focus it on converting the results of their marketing into profitable sales. By using the OrderWise Marketing module, businesses can successfully enhance brand recognition with faster, simpler management and help businesses transform one-time buyers into long-term, profitable customer relationships.

To arrange a demonstration of the OrderWise Marketing module, existing customers can contact Client Services.

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