5 Beneficial Additions To OrderWise KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

In order to stay ahead of the game in today’s fast-paced market, businesses need to make quick and well informed decisions using relevant information.

Easily accessible performance statistics need to be clear and understandable so key areas that need focus can be highlighted, monitored and acted upon instantly. Having this information in an easily digestible format is key to not only increasing efficiency, profitability and ensuring sales opportunities are maximised, but also keeping productivity levels maintained as well.

Without this information, businesses can find themselves missing visible opportunities that would otherwise have been left unidentified. If the frequency of these missed sales opportunities begins to increase, businesses will find they are quickly losing profitability and as a result, see their cash flow begin to dwindle. That’s why it is important that data is not only useful and relevant, but also presented in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner. Without this, companies won’t be able to deliver this invaluable information in a clear and concise way for staff to convert the knowledge presented into much needed sales.

OrderWise KPI Dashboards already provide businesses with a visual representation of key performance statistics through charts and graphs for easy interpretation and analysis. With over 540 dashboard elements currently available, flexible control over chart appearance and the ability to view constantly refreshed data, the OrderWise KPI Dashboards module gives businesses the tools they need to ensure requirements are easily identified and realised.

The Perfect Partner For OrderWise Business Intelligence, BI Alerts & CRM

By providing key statistics in a variety of chart formats, the at-a-glance interpretation offered by KPI Dashboards enables the early identification of trends that warrant deeper investigation within the Business Intelligence module. By combining the visibility of KPI Dashboards with the perceptive data of Business Intelligence, with the ability to quickly react and follow-up using OrderWise BI Alerts and CRM, businesses can harness the power of a truly outstanding suite of functionality. This will not only enhance daily operations but also improve the overall performance, growth and profitability achieved.

Now with the latest release, businesses using OrderWise KPI Dashboards can benefit from two additional KPI Dashboard elements and four further enhancements offering improved performance statistics at-a-glance.

The two new dashboards added to the Sales Dashboard list are:

  • Sales Rep Performance against Target Current Month – this compares sales vs sales rep target and will only bring through data if the sales rep/user has targets set up.
  • Average Sales Value By Order Type Over X Days – this will get the average value of orders by order type over X number of days. ‘Order type’ here is what has been set up in “system | sales order | order types”.

In addition, three dashboards have also been modified to include an additional chart option for the current month. The existing Sales dashboards that have been modified are:

  • Sales – Sales Value by Day Over X Days
  • Top X Variants by Order Value Over X Days: Year XXXX
  • Top X Customers by Order Value Over X Days: Year XXXX

And for OrderWise users who have the Returns Module licenced, the following KPI Dashboard has also been modified to include a column on the data grid for the order line net of the return line(s):

  • Customer Returns By Return Reason Over X Days

With these fantastic new enhancements to the OrderWise KPI Dashboard module, the visibility of information available has been further extended. Using this module, users can successfully continue to promote a more proactive sales approach within the business, prioritising tasks which will help increase customer spend and maximise profitability.

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