New 3PL Portal & Manpacking Functionality with OrderWise eCommerce

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Having an online presence can be invaluable to a business, which explains why the demand for intuitively designed OrderWise eCommerce Websites continues to grow.

OrderWise Commerce caters for businesses looking to trade online for the first time or invest in a comprehensive new website with an integrated back-end system to manage current websites and online sales channels. OrderWise is constantly investing into our dedicated in-house eCommerce Website Design & Development team to offer an all-in-one solution that manages your online or multi-channel business completely from end-to-end.

This month, OrderWise has added two valuable new aspects to the Online Cart Platform to further enhance the capabilities and ensure businesses who use OrderWise Websites stay ahead of the game in a constantly evolving online market. Read about the newest additions below:

Third Party Logistics Portal

Any 3PL business that handles one or more customers will understand the scale of managing the logistics and operations required to ensure satisfactory fulfilment for the companies relying on them. Receiving, holding and updating stock from external businesses that would otherwise not have the space at their own premises requires clear visibility between the two businesses to help maintain positive relations.

Without a structured and easy-to-access network for communication in place, operations become disconnected and the ability to handle third party logistics and accurately control client stock is lost.

Without vital information being easy to obtain, businesses will have no awareness of current sales or purchase orders until manually fed the details from their 3PL client. This reduces productivity when stock is incorrectly received or an order is sent out by mistake, increasingly adding costs to the business. With human error caused by a lack of visibility preventing 3PL businesses from being able to be fully cost effective, businesses need to be looking for a comprehensive solution that ensures strong connectivity between business and customer.

Achieve Full Visibility & Maximum Efficiency With OrderWise 3PL Portal

With the OrderWise 3PL Billing Module, businesses handling third party logistics are already provided with a comprehensive suite of software that enables them to accurately calculate customer charges based on various stock handlings.

Now with version 12.3 of OrderWise, Third Party Logistics businesses can now fully benefit from the all-new 3PL Portal. This seamlessly integrated online portal enables 3PL businesses to share information back and forth with their customers, allowing their stock, sales and purchase orders to be managed with ease. Through this portal, 3PL businesses using OrderWise can simply allow their customers to log into the portal and effortlessly communicate with the business using OrderWise to help achieve full visibility and maximum efficiency in their procedures.

OrderWise has created this highly beneficial functionality to enable users a more automated way of transferring data between their customers. Human error becomes drastically reduced as the need for manual operations is eliminated and replaced by the synchronisation of accurate information. A wide variety of records can be accessed from within the online portal to provide users with a complete all-in-one solution for their daily operations. Using eCommerce sessions to automatically import and export information, the portal currently provides;

  • Third Party Logistics Customer details
  • Delivery Method Selection
  • Current Stock Levels of Products Available
  • Purchase Order Imports to the Main OrderWise System
  • Existing Order History
6 Customisable Reports

Customers can effortlessly send details of an order across to the 3PL business who can then anticipate the correct delivery and amount. The accessibility of the portal along with the stress-free synchronisation between the main OrderWise System and the 3PL customer portal ensures that business processes are more streamlined than ever. With the wide range of business information provided by this new feature, 3PL companies are able to deliver greater visibility to their customers. This in return allows for improved customer service and results in happy, returning clients.

Revolutionising operations in logistics and distribution, companies can combine the functionality of the OrderWise 3PL Portal with the OrderWise 3PL Billing module to increase efficiency, improve visibility and control their costs. This allows 3PL businesses to spend less time on arduous manual data input and more time on delivering excellent customer service and increasing profits.

OrderWise Websites Introduce Valuable Manpacking Feature

Many companies will stock a selection of items that are usually bought together. A common example of this is selling various work or school wear items. These items may already be easy to locate on your website by customers making a purchase but what about when it comes down to your staff orchestrating the picking, packing and shipping? With so many different items needed to make up one individual product, the picking process can often become unstructured. By having unorganised warehouse picking methods, businesses will quickly find they are adding time onto an order and even more so should an error or mistake in this practise occur.

By not having a streamlined approach to managing these types of orders, businesses may lose customers because they simply aren’t as convenient as another company in their processes. Orders for clothing and items within the workforce are often made in bulk and by not utilising the opportunity a huge potential revenue of income can be lost if customers choose to go elsewhere. Without a method of delivery that combines these items, customers will find their deliveries disjointed and may not find all the parts arrive on one order.

Fast, Streamlined Order Management

Thanks to exciting new functionality within the OrderWise Commerce platform, businesses already benefitting from an OrderWise Website now have a valuable manpack feature in version 12.3. This month’s exciting development allows users to assign a collection of items to one specific person from the customer and packed into an individual box or bag when forming part of a larger order. Multiple manpacks can be added to one order preventing everything being mixed up when received by the customer.

A single person order could involve 15 separate items and all of this is now handled as one convenient package with the individual’s name and contents shown on the outside of the manpack guaranteeing correct items enclosed. For businesses who use this with uniforms or work wear it means fast, simple distribution and removes all issuing problems when the delivery arrives. It becomes as easy as reading off the name on the labels.

Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction by offering a man packed product, businesses will gain the upper hand against their competitors for offering the easiest method of ordering and distributing their required products. This feature allows interest to be driven forward and capture the larger orders by offering this stress-free process.

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