Live Picking Updates With Real-Time Tote Information


For many companies, effective warehouse management is at the core of their business operations.

With this being the case, businesses are always looking to improve warehouse processes, ensuring daily tasks are kept streamlined, accurate stock levels are maintained and orders quickly fulfilled.

Clear visibility of stock and staff activity helps decision making, productivity and ultimately profitability. In addition, the use of structured walk routes, barcode scanning technology and trolleys to allow the picking of multiple orders can all help to improve warehouse operations through increasing pick speeds and turnaround volumes.

An additional way to increase overall efficiency and productivity is by carefully monitoring picker activity, with management/supervisory staff assigning tasks based on clocked in pickers, their current workload and stock location.

However it can often be the case that warehouse supervisors don’t have a real-time insight into picking progress. For example if a pick is paused halfway through due to a shift change or lunch break and then later started again on a different scanning device, it may be that the items originally picked are simply left on a trolley lost in the warehouse. As such the goods appear unaccounted for, with managers/supervisors not having accurate knowledge of stock or order picking status. Therefore to keep on top of these situations, it is crucial that warehouse supervisors have the means to easily monitor picking activity by being able to inspect trolley contents when needed.

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices integrate seamlessly with the OrderWise Despatch module to help dramatically increase picking speed and accuracy. Removing the need for paper picking notes, users have picks sent straight to their mobile device and are directed around the warehouse using the most efficient walk routes, following simple on screen prompts and scanning relevant barcodes to complete their picks. Details of completed picks are then sent back wirelessly to the main system, allowing information to be seamlessly transferred between managers/supervisors and their picking staff.

Enhanced Supervisory Visibility With Live Tote Picking On OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

Now in version 12.2 of OrderWise further enhancements have been added which provide even greater insight into a company’s picks. The new functionality will enable supervisors to have greater awareness and visibility of uncompleted picks and picks in progress through the provision of additional live information across the warehouse. This is controlled by a new system setting which will allow for discarded items on uncompleted picks to be visible in real time to a supervisor. With the Update Totes in real time setting activated, users will be able to automatically control the contents of totes when picking in real time. This increased visibility of completed and discarded picks and those still in progress will ensure that supervisors always have the information they need to effectively manage warehouse operations.

Additionally, where pickers are assigned multiple picks, this live tote information functionality provides managers/supervisors with valuable real time data on the progress of picks, no matter what stage they are at during despatch. This will help in terms of assigning workloads, assessing productivity and speed, as well as maintaining an overall picture of warehouse operations at any given time.

More information on the comprehensive range of OrderWise Warehouse Management features can be found HERE.

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