An invaluable guide to support OrderWise users


Getting the full benefits out of a business software system relies on range of services being available. With over 23 years’ experience implementing and supporting the business software that a company depends on to run their commercial operations, we take our responsibilities to ensure each OrderWise user has access to support resources seriously.

Dedicated & professional support & guidance from the outset

This starts as a new client comes on board and a Project Team is assigned comprising a Project Manager & Coordinator, Trainer and Account Manager. Access is provided to our online training video resources and a unique, tailored training programme is designed and delivered to match the requirements and working processes of each company. In addition our team of highly trained and skilled Support Technicians are on hand, providing full telephone, email and remote support to answer any questions or queries our users may have, no matter how small.

This extensive support infrastructure is solely for the benefit of OrderWise users and delivered from our offices in Lincoln, however providing our users with excellent support, help and advice does not stop there.

Much more than just a user manual

In the early days, every company received a copy of the OrderWise Help Guide, but with one eye on the environment and the other on creating better ways of making this information available, the Help Guide was made accessible from within OrderWise. This invaluable resource can be accessed by via the Help menu tab or simply hitting F1 within OrderWise, launching the Help Guide and opening it on the page relating to where you are in the software. The Help Guide node within System Settings allows companies to choose whether a locally stored version of the Help Guide is launched or the Online Help Guide is used. The local Help Guide is updated as part of upgrading OrderWise while the online version provides the most recently updated information.

Designed to ensure productivity is maintained

Whether there is a new staff member still finding their way round the system, an infrequent activity you need reminding of how to do, a setting you wish to clarify or a whole process you need to learn, the OrderWise Help Guide can quickly provide the information you need, ensuring vital time is not lost. A full contents list, index and glossary is available along with search functionality to ensure relevant information can be quickly located with options to print if required. Information is provided in a structured and easily digested way including many screen shots to make details easy to follow.

Complementing our support to provide a first class service

While the Help Guide is never going to replace being able to contact a Support Technician directly, it can often provide a quick answer to all manner of questions and queries. Why not hit F1 next time you need a little extra help.

For more information on OrderWise download the brochures or watch our videos.

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