Save Time With New Delivery Method & Bank Account Data Imports

Save Time With New Delivery Method & Bank Account Data Imports

The ability to streamline processes and save time is crucial for modern businesses to maximise their efficiency and increase productivity. Spending time manually entering large amounts of data is a laborious process which can be difficult to manage and can cause errors to occur, in turn meaning more time is spent rectifying those errors later.

OrderWise already provides users with a wide range of features and functionality to save time, reduce errors and increase the efficiency of daily operations. In terms of data imports, users can already benefit from numerous mass data imports for adding and updating information held within OrderWise. Additionally, users can also automatically import sales orders in .csv or Microsoft Excel formats directly into OrderWise via custom import definitions.

Extending the data import functionality available to OrderWise users this month, version 12.6 of OrderWise sees new options added to speed up the process of importing data in two different contexts.

Save Time By Importing Multiple Delivery Methods

With a wide range of couriers and services available for businesses to utilise, a company can find that they have a large number of delivery methods to add and keep updated. Again, doing so can be a lengthy process with the potential for mistakes. This can particularly be the case for businesses handling third party logistics and fulfilling orders on behalf of their customers. To aid with this, OrderWise now allows the mass import of delivery methods to help drive efficiency and ensure clients are charged the correct costs when this comes through to generating 3PL invoices.

Easily Import Bank Accounts Into OrderWise Accounts

It is not uncommon for many businesses to be operating using multiple different bank accounts, which can be time consuming to set up. Users of OrderWise Accounts can now benefit from new functionality to allow various bank accounts to be easily imported all at once, meaning improved efficiency and better financial management.

To benefit from these import data features, users specify their own labels for the data on the import file, highlighting the fields they are mapping and to where before running a test to check everything is working as required. Once the import definition has passed the test, the data on the import file is converted to the familiar file structure used for importing into OrderWise.

The import is then further validated to ensure it contains no errors, with any issues flagged up and stored in the log so that these can be quickly corrected.

With this extended data import functionality, businesses regularly handling data in .csv or Microsoft Excel file formats can now reap the benefits of a highly accurate and automated import process.

These new data import features build upon the time saving functionality that OrderWise already provides and existing users can find out more from our Client Services team on 01522 704083.