OrderWise Introduces All New, Feature-Rich Store EPOS


With businesses operating bricks-and-mortar stores increasingly looking for ways to keep up with their online competitors, it is important to find ways to save money, improve productivity and, most importantly, boost sales.
For companies trading in these retail, trade counter or cash and carry environments, having the right EPOS software is often an essential part of helping to provide a highly professional service to valued clients and maximise potential efficiency within the business.

This is because as any retailer will know, there are certain times of the day or week when staff may be far busier than usual. It’s during these moments when a system that is not only easy to use, but also seamlessly integrated into other aspects of your business software system will make a valuable difference. Without the speed and efficiency to handle large amounts of customers, staff can struggle to maintain satisfaction and customers may become disgruntled without a slick and easy checkout service.

Do Your Stores Have The Tools To Maximise Sales?

What’s more during these busy periods businesses rely on their staff’s competence to correctly process sales transactions, which can lead to mistakes and omissions. This can result in customers being overcharged, reducing the likelihood of them returning, or undercharged, resulting in profit loss. Without an effective EPOS system in place, companies using a simple cash till will ultimately miss out on opportunities due to human error, badly managed stock levels and a general lack of accuracy in their daily operations.

Introduce multiple store locations and these issues quickly transfix into a logistical nightmare. Managing transactions across numerous tills and stores with no overriding visibility between each shop will quickly lead to mis-sold products and delayed processes as staff take time to communicate with other locations to manually track down required stock, quantities and prices. The greater the number of shops, the more evidently these difficulties will appear, resulting in franchise growth becoming harder and harder to achieve.

When looking into a suitable EPOS system, one thing every company worries about is the reliability of their software. For larger businesses, the risk of experiencing system downtime when working from EPOS tills could have drastic and detrimental effects to their profitability if orders can’t be processed during this time. That’s why many companies prefer a system that will still work offline, enabling them to carefully avoid the threat of missing sales and provide staff with up-to-the-minute knowledge of offers and stock levels when online connectivity is available.

Introducing The Latest Cutting-Edge Till Point Technology

Delivering the ideal combination of up-to-the-minute technology, reliability and efficiency has made OrderWise EPOS an increasingly popular choice for businesses up and down the country. Now version 12.7 of OrderWise sees the grand launch of our newly enhanced, comprehensive and feature-rich OrderWise Store EPOS system.

OrderWise Store EPOS provides the ideal solution to companies operating in a retail, trade counter or cash and carry environment with software that can help them to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. Most importantly, it allows the highest service levels to be provided to valued customers at all times. A robust, versatile and dependable customer service tool, OrderWise EPOS gives businesses the power to provide their clients with exceptional frontline service.

The Ideal Combination Of Up-To-The-Minute Technology, Reliability And Efficiency

The latest OrderWise EPOS software offers an exciting, easy-to-use and completely refreshed user interface with reams of new functionality, allowing users to service their customers with the very latest cutting-edge till point technology. OrderWise Store EPOS offers the ability to manage store by store, controlling tills, users, stock locations and payment methods for each individual premises. Designed to be efficient even at the busiest of times, till attendants can use OrderWise Store EPOS to quickly search for products by category or by scanning a barcode for instant stock visibility before quickly building up customer orders.

With OrderWise Store EPOS, businesses can relax knowing that when WiFi connection issues arise, the seamless offline mode will continue as normal until you’re back online and data is instantly synced eliminating any data loss. For companies operating large retail environments across multiple stores, removing the worry of experiencing any downtime drastically improves efficiency and ensures daily operations always run smoothly.

The additional features that an OrderWise EPOS system offers over a basic cash till already holds huge benefits to a business, however, it is predominantly the integration of all features in this singular system that makes life so much easier for the merchant. With this sophisticated EPOS system it is possible to instantly access X and Z reads, get reports about best-selling items, best-performing staff, peak sales times as well as best-performing sales channels, allowing you to optimise your business flow. What’s more, the accurate information attained from the EPOS system can help optimise marketing opportunities and influence campaigns based on what might not be selling as well or on what may be a seasonal top pick.

Improve Reliable Cash Flow & Speed Up Daily Operations

However, OrderWise Store EPOS also presents much greater visibility. Connecting through a web service, OrderWise Store EPOS allows users to view live stock figures via the variant information and suggested items screens, ensuring everyone is always up to speed and on the same page. OrderWise Store EPOS also greatly improves the speed and efficiency of transactions through its easy-to-use interface, which will appeal to customers as well as assist employees as they focus on serving more people and maximising sales. This in-turn will improve customers’ overall experience and encourage repeat custom in the future, improving reliable cash flow to the business.

Additionally, the new store EPOS provides a unique and valuable data capture capability allowing the user to capture details about the customer and add them as a new customer within OrderWise based upon the email address specified. By taking a customer email at the point of sale staff can offer the choice of emailed receipts as a result. Users can also offer a choice of delivery options, giving shoppers the flexibility of ordering stock to a home address or alternate shop should the product not be available on site at that time. This versatility further adds to the capabilities of OrderWise Store EPOS and ensures the very best customer service levels can be achieved.

Linked Transactions For Simplified Returns & Exchanges

With OrderWise Store EPOS, returns and exchanges are also made simple through the ability to quickly process both linked and unlinked returns. Users can search for previous transactions by customer, order number and email by simply scanning the receipt to find the specific product or searching via categories. Line discounts can also be manually added to lines, customer special prices and price lists applied with other multi-saver offers automatically coming into effect when conditions are met.

With an EPOS service connection active, Gift Cards can be sold in store and simply pre-loaded with a specific amount to spend. These can then be used as a payment method with the added ability to check the current balance at the point of sale. In addition, traditional payment methods such as cash, card and cheque can be made available to tills for a fast, easy checkout.

As you can see OrderWise Store EPOS has immeasurable benefits to offer, producing fast, accurate and precise trading operations that makes customers want to return again and again. This added to the advantage of a single all-in-one solution means combining your business with OrderWise Store EPOS will speed up daily transactions, build on optimum customer service and help companies achieve growth targets.

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