OrderWise in October 2021 – v21.10

OrderWise in October 2021 – v21.10

This October the team of systems developers and software engineers at OrderWise have once again been hard at work with the latest round of updates and improvements. In v21.10 of OrderWise there are a whole host of new features and changes, including – but not limited to – all of the following

Courier integration

To ensure that the processes enabling the physical movement of your goods are as smooth and seamless as possible, OrderWise v21.10 now includes new updates to our software integrations with all of the following couriers

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • GFS Enterprise
  • Vigo Solways

These are just a small selection of the wide range of couriers OrderWise can already be completely integrated with. Talk to one of our customer success team to find out more.


Allowing for more choice and option control has been something OrderWise and its update process has often focused on. That’s why in v21.10 you now have the option to restrict and specify packing materials against a particular delivery method when auto shipping. This makes the overall despatch process more streamlined and more controlled when it comes to matters of packaging.


In v21.10 the OrderWise sales system features several new improvements. Among the most notable are the adjustments provided to the questionnaire feature, which can now be linked to your CRM records. This means that if a given customer/client orders a specific variant, a particular questionnaire can be raised. Questionnaires can also now end on any given question, allowing for more precise and efficient engagement with your customers and clients.

Other improvements to the Sales functionality of OrderWise in v21.10 includes the ability to allocate kits to bulk orders, and more advanced branch restrictions. The latter of these allows you to restrict which payment methods, delivery methods, stock locations and order types a given customer can use. All valuable systems to make your business as streamlined as possible.

Discover OrderWise v21.10

Learn more about how OrderWise v21.10 enhances your business with features like more flexible picking options for hand held terminals, additional API sales endpoints, and revision options for manufactured items via EPOS. OrderWise is continually dedicated to making your business as efficient as possible, and v21.10 continues that work with elegance and excellence aplenty.