OrderWise in October 2020 - v20.10

OrderWise v20.10

Autumn nights might be longer and darker, but the OrderWise development team is still burning bright this October.

The v20.10 package includes a wide range of enhancements, updates, and user experience improvements, all designed to boost efficiency and make business easier. Some of the most notable new features include the following:

CRM – Pipeline view

In previous versions of OrderWise, the CRM pipeline record listing had been something you could only access from the desktop. With the Android Sale app functionality is now being broadened. As of v20.10, you’ll be able to scroll through important contact and assignment data with ease through an Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

CRM – Invoice dispute activity

Keeping contact with customers regular and carefully organised is always important. During a sales invoice dispute, even more so. To help you make sure all these problems get resolved smoothly, the CRM functionality in OrderWise v20.10 can now have a dedicated predetermined CRM track for sales invoice related disputes. By allowing you to tailor the specific activity to your needs, OrderWise gives you that extra functionality to keep any problems  as manageable as possible.

PoD – Extra details

Proof of Delivery functionality has received several new updates in v20.10 of OrderWise. These include the ability to add driver signatures as part of the record capture, and the ability to reject line quantities. Thanks to these features, you receive much more immediate information feedback in the critical last mile phase of product delivery.

Courier integration – TNT Express and MyDHL

To make it even easier to get your products out the door, OrderWise v20.10 now integrates fully with both TNT ExpressConnect and the API of MyDHL. These integrations fully ensure that your deliveries get arranged smoothly, speedily, and without any software slip-ups.

Works orders – Planner and build setting

Our latest update lets manufacturers make full use of HHTs in the best possible way. With OrderWise 20.10 you can now keep track of manufacturing works orders in near-real-time. As part of progressing Works Order groups, you can now hit the ‘build’ button when the building actually begins, thus providing real-time process monitoring.

Variant duties and levies

With the full impacts of Brexit likely to be felt very soon, your business software must be able to handle levies, tariffs, and duty-related costs in detail. OrderWise v20.10 has got you fully covered, with the ability to add in duties either manually, or through the ‘Import Data’ feature. You can add duties as percentages of net value, or as a value per value type (quantity, weight, volume). Whatever the next few months throw our way, OrderWise is here to help.

OrderWise is a unique and powerful business software suite. In version 20.10, these advantages are only the beginning. We’ve also added features to help prevent SagePay fraud, new updates to the BI Alerts and new/alternative exports for HSBC BACS.

With OrderWise v20.10, your business isn’t just safe and secure. It is speedy, streamlined, and as simple to sort out as you can possibly imagine.