OrderWise in November 2020 - v20.11

Latest version of OrderWise v20.10 business management software

Discover the latest offerings of the OrderWise development team in Version 20.11

Winter is very much here, but since the cold only makes computers run faster, the OrderWise development team is powering onward.

The v20.11 package features several new updates, improvements, and enhancements. All designed to make the user experience easier and more efficient. Our most noteworthy changes this month include, but are not limited to, the following:

Content and layout features

In OrderWise v20.11 there are several new features to enhance the arrangement of your online content. Whether in emails, blogs, or on your website, OrderWise can make sure all your content gets seen just the way you want it. These new features include:

  • Clearer display of authors on blog posts
  • Alternative text for blog post images
  • Full-width category images with fixed-width category names
  • Full-width email footers
  • New desktop header attributes
  • New shadow design features for both search and browse boxes

We understand the importance of specific design when it comes to the presentation of your content. That’s why we make sure all our features in this area have as much flexibility as possible

Security – ReCaptcha v3

There is any number of reasons why your website might need to use a captcha. So we at OrderWise want to make sure you can use the best one possible. In v20.11 your systems can now employ ReCaptcha v3 alongside v2 if needed. No new fields or forms are required. This can be an entire background process.

New purchase order information connected to variant details

OrderWise is all about seeing every possible piece of information from any angle you could care to imagine. That’s why v20.11 now includes a new feature allowing you to see purchase order information linked to specific variants. From the Product Option Grid, the Variant Details modal will now show you everything linked to a specific variant, from the date of purchase orders, to how many orders they are, and whether they are required or promised.

Offline payments – online response

Version 20.11 of OrderWise now allows for an “Order Payment Received” email to be sent out to a customer automatically when payment is confirmed via offline as well as online methods. One more step to ensuring you and your customers have clear lines of communication at all times.

New BI Alerts

With v20.11 the BI Alerts features two new ways to keep track of all your most important business information.

  • An alert for when a specific variant has fallen bellow a pre-selected minimum stock level, but there is still replenishment stock available
  • An alert for batch-traced stock with an expiry date a specified number of days over its default shelf life.
Vehicle checklist

In OrderWise v20.11, the transport management and PoD devices module will now feature a vehicle checklist option. You can ensure that whatever specific requirements your company’s vehicles have can be checked and rechecked before they depart to conduct their duties.

New dispute related CRM features

No one likes messy or poorly coordinated responses to disputation. OrderWise v20.11 features a set of new CRM adjustments to ensure that all your customer relations are managed more smoothly than ever.

  • Disputes on linked transactions are resolved when a CRM activity or record is completed
  • Disputed transactions can now be grouped together by either CRM activity or CRM record

These are just some of the many new features offered by V20.11. To learn even more about what OrderWise can do for your business, contact us today or arrange one of our software demonstration sessions.