Asset Inventory: managing your business’ internal asset use

Asset Inventory

What is the best asset inventory software?

If you’re worried the flow of internal stock is slowing your operations. OrderWise Asset Inventory Management Software can help to organise business’ internal use of stock, equipment and more…

OrderWise award-winning Asset Inventory Management Software provides the answers for businesses looking to manage their internal use of company assets. Whether you need to track asset transfers or receive replenishment alerts for the usable stock ahead of time, OrderWise can help with asset inventory software that shapes to your business needs.

Award-winning work and asset inventory systems

Working with the London Ambulance Service, the joint teams produced award-winning results. OrderWise and LAS’s hard work and innovative solutions enabled the delivery of the millionth box of PPE within 12 weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Starting the operation with an empty warehouse and two keys, the OrderWise team got a system up and running within six hours of their arrival in London. They worked with LAS to create five fully functional warehouses and 48 replenishment hubs, as well as complete on-site training for 62 members of the team. OrderWise worked 14-hour days, 7-days a week to get the job done.

The combined efforts of LAS and OrderWise led to the teams receiving The Strategy & Design Award in the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020.

How does asset inventory management software work?

Tracking your asset inventory in real-time

Ensuring full visibility of your operations, OrderWise Asset Inventory Software provides precise cross-site inventory tracking with live data. Through one central system, you can monitor asset availability, schedule and track inventory movements and ensure industry standards are maintained. From supply chain to site end-user, seamlessly log and view every asset task and use. This way, no action or item, fixed or current, is overlooked.

Knowing your inventory movements in advance, you can accurately manage the stock for internal maintenance of your business. As a result, the allocation of resources also becomes easier to handle. With the right quantities of stock assigned in advance, you can allow yourself time to organise team members for the distribution and processing requirements for each location and sub-unit of assets.

Automating your asset inventory replenishment

Having a complete view of inventory locations, across in-transit, warehouse stored, and on-site goods, it becomes easier to calculate the cycle of asset replenishment ahead of time.

With OrderWise Asset Inventory Management Software, you can control your procurement using intelligent data analysis to forecast your business’ asset requirements. Receive automated alerts before your assets run out, and flexibly transfer items across sites to cover demand spikes smoothly. So, whether your business needs to feed production lines or keep service staff stocked with consumables, you can ensure your teams always have the assets they need.

Courier integrations and partner portals

Communicating has never been easier with courier integrations and online portals for your business partners.

Get instant order updates and make amends online through an asset inventory portal, and also track and resolve any ticketing and maintenance requirements. Meanwhile, link your systems directly with couriers for fast, seamless and traceable shipping of assets.

Compliance and audit management

Company assets come hand-in-glove with industry compliance. OrderWise Asset Inventory Software provides the tools to keep industry compliance, performance and auditing in check. Utilising features such as scheduling and reporting software, and the full traceability of expiry dates, batch and serial numbers, you can monitor ongoing asset ageing, transfers and any reports of faulty stock.

Using a single barcode scan, you can also manage the handling of all your company assets. Because of this technology, the processing of your business assets is dealt with quickly and precisely. Any slow, error-prone manual rekeying is all removed, helping your team make the most of every shift.

With automation at the heart of OrderWise software, your management of asset compliance can fit smoothly into your teams’ workflows. Consequently, you can ensure industry standards for assets, storage and handling, all without slowing down your operations.

Asset financing and cash flow management

Your finance team shouldn’t have to chase and hunt for the right figures to calculate your business valuations and budgets. With OrderWise, track the finance payments, budget allocation, and any value depreciation for your asset inventory. Additionally, quickly see your unencumbered stock, all from one central system.

By integrating directly with a range of accounting software, you can also connect your operations with your existing systems. Through implementing the right tools for your management of assets and cash reserves, your business can remain agile to sudden changes, internal and external to your operations.

System hosting that stores your way

Choose whether your business stores data on the Cloud, an internal server or a mixture of the two. OrderWise Software provides flexible hosting solutions that scale to fit your business needs. So, your business can increase your data storage, processing power, or memory at any time.

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