OrderWise in August 2021 - v21.8

OrderWise in August 2021 – v21.8

This August the teams of software developers and system technicians at OrderWise have produced yet another wave of advancements and enhancements. All to bring your business the most sophisticated software suite possible. Discover what is on offer with OrderWise v21.8.

Location group additional variant surcharge – Trade portal

In OrderWise v21.8 it will now be possible to add location-specific surcharges to your items. You will be able to specify specific countries and postcodes where additional charges might be applied in the event you need customers/clients to cover extra costs. The system is very exacting and can be applied to specific variants as and where needed. Thus ensuring every last situation is considered when calculating invoices in full.

Pricing display based on variant area – Trade portal

The latest version of OrderWise will now allow trade portal users to display an even clearer pricing model when it comes to area-based products and services. With “show area-based pricing” enabled, costs can be shown as “£x per y” where y is a value specified by an “area unit” field (metres square for instance) and x is the total price divided by a value given by the customer/client. Items and services delivered by area, such as tiling, tarring, treatment coating, or any number of others, can now have their costs communicated far more clearly. In OrderWise v21.8 your customers can get the fullest area-based picture.

Single-use coupon codes per customer – Trade portal

A new enhancement for trade portal users, in OrderWise 21.8 the software will now treat single-use coupon codes as their own promotions. This allows a more streamlined and efficient deployment of single-use codes as marketing tools and short-term incentive systems. A valuable first-taste system to gather new business, as well as being an occasional loyalty bonus for older customers.

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