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11 Features of the best retail software for small businesses

best retail software for small business

How can you tell if you’ve found the very best retail software for small businesses?

Smaller retailers, whether online or in brick-and-mortar locations, are at the frontline of the retail world. In the initial stages, brand recognition is often minimal and customer loyalty can be fickle at best. Every purchase and process has to be optimised down to the last penny. The margin for error is slim-to-none. An uphill struggle in all directions.

Because of this, good software selection is vital. You must be absolutely certain that you’re choosing the very best software for small businesses that you can possibly find. OrderWise is more than confident that we can offer you exactly that kind of software because we offer the following key eleven features:

Excellent EPOS

Electronic-Point-of-Sale is a key feature of all digital suites used by smaller retailers. Making purchases reliably is just the beginning. Your EPOS should also be able to search out specific products, check stock availability, and seamlessly sort out online orders. Not only that, but the best retail software for small businesses shouldn’t be picky when it comes to hardware. Your software needs to work with what you have and can use. Exactly what OrderWise offers.

Omnichannel optimisation

Small businesses need to be more agile and effective than ever. In 2021 and beyond, that means omnichannel. You need a software solution that can seamlessly coordinate every platform from which your products can be purchased. Discount vouchers delivered via social media should be redeemable in physical stores. In-store employees should be able to check the status of online orders, or even make orders online to support sales of products not currently in stock in a given store. For a software solution that is omnichannel optimised, all this and much more should be possible. Omnichannel optimisation is a key feature of the best retail software for small businesses.

Bullet-time BI alerts

There will be key metrics and vital indicators that you need to track and be aware of at all times. Are your normal couriers starting to run slower? Are you getting less positive reviews? Perhaps certain items are running low on stock. Maybe you’re not getting enough orders of a certain size. Whatever your metric, you need to know quickly so you can act fast. That’s why OrderWise has a comprehensive BI Alerts module built and ready. Nothing but premium programming when it comes to making the best retail software for small businesses.

Adaptable accounts

In the early stages of a small business, you may often find yourself finding your feet in terms of accounts. Even in later stages, the way that you keep track of operations and finances may fluctuate and change as your situation requires it. That’s why you need retail software that doesn’t care what bank you use, or how you organise your accounts. You need a system with adaptive and adjustable account processing, one that can flex to fit the needs of your company specifically. This is why OrderWise developed with its bank statement import definitions features. That kind of process is a true hallmark of the best retail software for small businesses.

Maximised marketing

Marketing is so very vital for any small retailer. The need to get the word out and make your presence is just the beginning. You need to be specific. Choosing particular messages for customers you know to be in certain situations or defined groups. That’s why OrderWise offers integration with the kinds of email marketing platforms that give your business the power to reach out exactly wherever and whenever you need. Another vital identifier of the very best retail software for small businesses.

Engineered for ecommerce

The number of ecommerce platforms continues to expand. From the established and well known such as eBay and Amazon, to the newer and more niche like Fruugo and EBuyGumm. If you want the very best retail software for small businesses, you need a package that can adapt to integrate with all of these and more. A system with dedicated developers and empowered engineers that can ensure your business is ready and waiting for online orders, regardless of where and how they arrive. That’s why OrderWise connects with over 50 different ecommerce platforms. To put your business on every map.

Wonderous websites

While ecommerce platforms are a great way to get your products out the door, the best retail software for small businesses doesn’t stop there. OrderWise offers you the ability to create powerful built-to-sell independent ecommerce websites. Arranging everything from tailored discounts to loyalty points programmes. The online marketplaces offered by other companies are vital places to trade, but there’s no substitute for having your own purpose-built online presence. That’s the kind of service offered by the best retail software for small businesses.

Made for mobile

More and more of the digital retail space is being dominated by mobile-based sales. For any package claiming to be the very best retail software for small businesses, it needs to handles as much mobile commerce as possible. Integrating seamlessly with payment apps of every kind, and offering the same functionality on a small screen as you can find yourself getting on the much larger one.

Complete courier integration

Much like businesses of any other size, small businesses cannot afford substantial volumes of wasted time. That’s why the plague of rekeying needs to be rooted out, found and removed wherever and whenever possible. OrderWise provides exactly the kind of seamless courier integration that makes rekeying a memory, recovering all your lost time, and ensuring every item that leaves your premises goes exactly where it should. One more reason that OrderWise is confident in its claim to be the best retail software for small businesses.

Superior stock control

The message “sorry, this item is out of stock” is incredibly disappointing for customers; therefore, it can be ruinous for businesses. Especially if the order has already been confirmed. As a small business, you can’t afford avoidable mistakes when it comes to stock control. That is why OrderWise prioritises clear and comprehensive stock visibility and a host of advanced alerts and warnings. This forward-thinking functionality is built into your infrastructure to ensure you have superior stock control capabilities, just as you would expect from the best retail software for small businesses.

Partnership profile

When you are seeking the best retail software for your small business, it isn’t just the program and processes you’re purchasing. It should be a long term relationship with the company. A company that will support and engage with your specific needs to make sure you’re getting the level of service you deserve. Delivering new features, consistent support, and a reliable relationship. That is the kind of service that OrderWise prioritises, which is why we believe we offer the best retail software for small businesses.

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