Make the journey from business response to business recovery from Covid-19

From business response to business recovery through Covid-19

Does your business have the tools to adapt and move from business response to business recovery as we transition through the Covid-19 pandemic?

From the moment the UK went into lockdown, businesses had to react fast. Six months on, we are experiencing a steady transition from rapid response to recovery, and businesses are feeling the heat to make some lasting changes to ensure they can ride out the storm into the future.

In this blog, discover how you can future-proof your operations in the shift from business response to business recovery.

49% of shoppers say availability is their top priority now

As the world slowly returns to a ‘new normal’, the volume of retail shopping has steadily increased to a similar level as pre-Covid-19. What’s more, research shows that availability (49%), price (47%) and quality (34%) have become the top concerns for shoppers, in comparison to quality (48%), price (47%) and brand (24%) that were top of the list before lockdown.

This means that staying on top of available products in the warehouse is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction. Using OrderWise BI Alerts, you will gain instant notification of real-time stock shortages, so you can take action way ahead of time when a product is trending and selling faster than anticipated. Meanwhile, OrderWise Returns will streamline your returns process to bring products back into circulation quickly.

Loyal customers make up most of your sales

One thing’s for certain, your regular customers are your most treasured asset, so keeping hold of them and getting high ranks for satisfaction will keep you a cut above the competition.

To do this, you need to know the data behind your customers to ensure you are providing the right experience for them. Understand their buying behaviour using OrderWise Business Intelligence, so you can tailor your sales and marketing tactics to meet their shopping preferences, as well as identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

In addition, aligning your sales channels will ensure you keep track of interactions from your regular customers. By integrating your marketplace channels such as Amazon and eBay, you will gain complete visibility of each sale across all platforms in a one-view grid, as well as intuitive repricing tools to help you increase sales and stay competitive.

Shopping needs to be easy for your customers

Now you’ve looked at your customers’ data, it’s a good time to invest in the experience you offer them. By using insights to distinguish their buying habits, your customers can receive information about your products before they’ve even thought about buying them.

OrderWise Marketing enables fast and simple marketing campaign creation for phone, email and post, allowing you to simply choose targets and communicate with them. Understand your performance from each communication and bring in more leads for the sales team using invaluable insight, staying one step ahead of your customers and competition.

Ensure your shopping channels are quick and easy to use by investing in an OrderWise Ecommerce Platform, providing you with a built-to-sell website that makes light work of online shopping for your customers.

Customers want their products delivered at the best price, fast

Getting products to your customers at the best price and in the best time could be the make or break in them doing business with you. If you charge too much, you risk unhappy customers, and if you charge too little, your business suffers the consequences. What’s more, if you can’t get the products to your customers in the time they require, you risk losing the sale.

If you use your own fleet of vehicles, OrderWise Transport Management and Routing is the answer to maintaining profitability and keeping customers happy. This module automatically calculates the costs associated with delivery and applies them to each order for accurate pricing.

If your business ships multiple deliveries through couriers, OrderWise Courier Integration will reduce costs and increase despatch volumes with links to 60+ courier platforms including Royal Mail, DPD, FedEx and UK Mail.

Maintaining good cash flow is mandatory for business continuity

After such a challenging year, it’s more important than ever to maintain good cash flow. This can be achieved by regularly reviewing your incoming and outgoing payments while maintaining communication with customers.

OrderWise Accounts contains an Advanced Credit Control solution that will allow you to stay in control of your cash flow with clear pipeline visibility, automatic invoice chasing and targeted chase tactics.

It’s also important to ensure stability in your purchasing decisions. Using OrderWise Purchasing, you will gain worldwide visibility and accurate profit margins to keep your business moving, no matter where your supplies are coming from. For more information, read our 10 reasons why structured purchasing is so important.

If you’d like any further information on OrderWise modules to maximise recovery, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us.