Make Informed Decisions With Further Creditsafe Integration

Make Informed Decisions With Further Creditsafe Integration

Every business knows the importance of having access to accurate company credit information to make vital sales decisions. Company details such as adverse CCJs, payment trends, credit ratings, financial accounts and more can all play a highly significant role during the price negotiation of a sale. With a reliable and plentiful source of company credit data readily available, businesses can be confident in their choice of trading partners.

Without access to this crucial information, businesses can quickly make uneducated price point choices and risk sales negotiations falling apart. What’s more, not knowing the financial stability of customers when deals and credit terms are agreed risks failed transactions, unpaid invoices and further issues down the line that ultimately result in lost profits. However, all these potential pitfalls can be easily avoided by giving the right staff the financial information they need at their fingertips.

Many businesses large and small will already use the Creditsafe service to access key company credit and financial information, making it an integral part of their decision-making processes. OrderWise customers who have the Creditsafe integration as part of their licence can already access a wealth of valuable data from these reports available within the OrderWise system. Through the scheduled service task, these Creditsafe reports can then be automatically updated within the Sales and Business Intelligence modules for hassle-free delivery of customer financial data.

Now with version 12.4 of OrderWise, further improvements have been added to the Creditsafe licenced feature to both increase vital data visibility and improve accuracy of data allowing companies to make well-informed business decisions.

CCJ Tab Added To OrderWise For Faster Decision Making

With the visibility of CCJs often being a tell-tale sign of possible financial issues when dealing with a customer, it is crucial for businesses to have easy access to this information when needed. Overlooking this data is risky and could lead to staff missing customer debt issues. Therefore, businesses need to ensure they are not falling into the trap of offering customers credit terms that they simply cannot keep.

Solving this issue, OrderWise has further enhanced the visibility of CCJs with a new tab added to the Creditsafe grid within OrderWise when looking at a credit report. This allows CCJ information to be easily returned from Creditsafe and businesses are provided with instant debt history, allowing them to see any previous CCJs. With this data to hand, sales staff using OrderWise Creditsafe integration can make clear and well-versed decisions with more informed conclusions drawn in an instant.

But that’s not the only enhancement this month. Version 12.4 of OrderWise also now provides businesses with the ability to generate credit reports for companies not located within the UK. This means that for businesses liaising with customers overseas, they can now also easily access vital financial data, ensuring greater visibility of their client database. Through making this information available within the main OrderWise system, processes for researching the financial stability of overseas customers are streamlined and data no longer needs to be rekeyed.

Instant Credit Detail Visibility With Customer Grid View

In addition to these already valuable enhancements to Creditsafe integration, the final new enhancement sees functionality introduced which means credit report details can now also be brought through to the main OrderWise customer grid. This highly useful development means staff have instant visibility on a company’s financial status, meaning that key data is accessible at a glance within the grid.

Thanks to the continued development of our Creditsafe integration, businesses are now able to depend on comprehensive and actionable information to aid important business decision making so that sales can be further maximised. The new additions included this month means that whether looking to target leads, amend credit terms or just update CRM records, businesses using OrderWise Creditsafe integration can be certain they will always have accurate and reliable financial data when they need it from within a single system.

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