Easily Swap Between Databases With Company Switch

Make managing multiple companies as simple and easy as possible using the new OrderWise company switch system

With many large trading organisations in operation, it is not uncommon for some businesses to be managing daily processes as part of a bigger group of companies.

In many cases although these businesses may be handling different products, using different suppliers and selling to different customers, companies functioning within a group may have similar needs when it comes to stock control and order management. So although one business could have developed several successful ventures under one business group, there may be the requirement for these to be managed under one roof if the same staff are responsible for managing processes across several individual companies.

However managing multiple companies can be logistically extremely difficult to achieve with so many separate processes to consider. This often leads to companies settling for multiple software installations for each of their separate companies. The issue is then staff constantly logging in and out of these separate installations to conduct their daily activities, unnecessarily adding time to operations during busy periods. These arduous yet necessary efforts along with the lack of easily attained cross-company visibility will have a noticeable impact on productivity and ultimately cash flow within the business.

Manage Multiple Companies From One Location

This issue is solved in version 12.4 of OrderWise with a beneficial new feature introduced to OrderWise that enables businesses operating with multiple databases to promptly switch between them with the click of a mouse. Through the new company switch button in OrderWise, businesses can now transfer simply and easily between their databases from within the main system screen, allowing for faster processes and greater visibility. What’s more with this new company switch feature, business groups using OrderWise to manage multiple databases can enforce unified, structured and streamlined management across all their individual companies.

Thanks to this valuable new feature designed to help speed up cross-company management, permitted staff can now simply log in to OrderWise once to access the databases that they need to do. Already offering a wealth of functionality, thanks to this latest addition OrderWise is now further enhanced for even simpler multi-company use.

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