Keep your data safe this Cyber Security Month

cyber security

It’s nearing the end of European Cyber Security Month and here at OrderWise, we know how important it is to maintain systems that are safe and secure.

While the criminals in the cyber world might seem far away from your operation, software hacking is rife. According to insurance provider Hiscox, around 65,000 attempts to hack into the security of small to medium-sized businesses occurs in the UK every day. Worryingly, around 4,500 of those are successful.

Daily backups keep your data safe

Many people think that backups are there just for when your server breaks and becomes inoperable. But actually, data backups are invaluable when it comes to cyber security and recovering from a computer virus. Sadly, many businesses aren’t doing their due diligence when it comes to protecting their data, and these are the businesses that end up in hot water.

Routine backups can prevent loss of revenue through the cost of computer downtime or data loss, and the good news is, protecting yourself in the cyber world is fairly simple. Businesses should adhere to the ‘3, 2, 1’ rule when backing up their data to ensure optimum cyber security:

  • Keep at least three copies of your data
  • Store the data in at least two different formats
  • Keep one copy offsite to protect against fire, theft, floods and other physical disasters

Choose how you back up your data

Backing up your data to maintain security can be done using a variety of methods, whether you choose local or network backups. A lot of people choose to back up data on a USB flash drive or external hard drive for ease. The problem with that is, the data needs to be updated repeatedly as it becomes out of date.

One of the easiest ways to backup data is by storing it in the cloud. A recent report suggested that on-cloud WMS will grow at a higher rate from 2020 to 2025, and it’s easy to see why it’s becoming a desirable option for businesses. Having your data readily available means you can access it anywhere. This has proved very useful for businesses working remotely as a result of COVID-19. Most importantly, your backups are automatically managed, so your data in the cloud is always kept up to date.

OrderWise Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting solution has quickly become a popular option for businesses. It allows you to access information fluidly across working locations, all while protecting your most valuable business asset – your data.

Here at OrderWise, we backup data every day for our cloud-hosted solutions, with the option to offer a backup frequency shorter than 24 hours if you require it. Our hosting backups are offsite in a separate data centre in the UK for even more security. We also perform regular server maintenance as standard. With your data being constantly updated and stored securely for whenever you need it, you will gain added peace of mind when running your business, so you can focus on what you do best!

Maximise the security of your system in as little as 24 hours with OrderWise Cloud Hosting. Call a member of our expert team on 01522 704083 or fill out our contact form for a hassle-free callback.

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