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How to retain customers using CRM software

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How does intelligent CRM software keep customers happy?

Undeniably, your customers are your greatest asset. So, keeping hold of them and ensuring they’re satisfied with the products and services you provide them, is critical for your business reputation and performance. In this blog post, find out how CRM software is the answer to your calling with the following tips.

Make more effort with your existing customers before acquiring new ones

Research into customer acquisition and retention shows that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it costs to keep an existing one. So don’t put all of your efforts in one place. Building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is one of the biggest secrets to business success. With this in mind, ensure you have the right system in place to keep them happy.

CRM software is an efficient means of managing your customers’ interactions, understanding tasks that need completing and providing top-tier management of your relationship with customers, so it’s certainly worth thinking about!

Deploy CRM software that links with your wider system for ultimate visibility

While it’s great that businesses are realising the value of their customers and choosing to deploy standalone CRM software, this sadly isn’t always the best option. Standalone CRM software isn’t linked to the back office sales, marketing and reporting systems within your business. From here, ensuring you have the right information available for effective pipeline management can prove difficult.

By investing in an integrated solution such as OrderWise, you will have access to every interaction your customer has made with your business, all from one place. You can follow a customer’s journey from start to finish – from the marketing campaign they first clicked on, to the point they received their delivery. This level of visibility is what will put you a cut above the competition.

What’s more, you can go one step further with OrderWise Business Intelligence and BI Alerts, providing the option to drill down into real-time knowledge and be alerted to customer leads as action takes place.

Keep your sales team in the know with on-the-go access to CRM activity

Not knowing enough about your customers can negatively impact their perception of your business. If your sales representatives are on the road a lot, you don’t want them to be caught short with a lack of information about the customers they’re visiting. What’s more, with parts of the UK in lockdown, your sales team might need to access information remotely on a day-to-day basis.

To avoid any awkward encounters, think about investing in CRM software that includes on-the-go access to information about your customers. For example, OrderWise CRM can be used both in-system and on the OrderWise Mobile App. This provides sales representatives with the ability to access customer lists, previous interactions, CRM activity and sales history. By keeping your sales representatives up to speed, they will be able to build better relationships from the get-go and increase their chances of upselling.

Invest in a product that’s easy to use

CRM software doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we recommend that you invest in a solution with a simple, easy-to-use interface, so your whole team can adopt the technology without a struggle. It’s also worth looking out for software with nifty functions that will make your life easier.

In terms of additional features to look out for, OrderWise CRM provides pipeline management that allows users to simply drag and drop records along the CRM pipeline as things progress. This allows for structured management and analysis during each stage of the customer’s journey. Our records are also colour-coded to highlight activities that are overdue, scheduled and unscheduled for extra-easy handling. By making things as clear as possible for your team, you can avoid complaints from a disgruntled and stressed-out workforce. Trust us – it’s worth it!

So, how does CRM software keep customers happy?

Having the ability to integrate CRM across all aspects of your business helps to create a clear picture of your customer’s sales journey, behaviours and paths. Understanding your customers is key to their happiness.  An intelligent CRM system will allow you to implement a more satisfying customer experience by being able to directly offer the latest information, discounts and guarantees, as well as to instantly answering their questions. Data is key, and a quality CRM system will provide you with the means to not only store customer data, but access it with ease.

Are you ready to make a worthwhile investment in OrderWise CRM software?

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