How can OrderWise support your business growth?

How can OrderWise support your business growth?

OrderWise is an end-to-end, fully integrated business management software solution. Designed to enhance the operational efficiency and profitability of a business, OrderWise specialises in ERP (enterprise resource planning), WMS (warehouse management system), multi-channel and stock control solutions.

Who is OrderWise for?

Capable of supporting a range of different industries, OrderWise’s key features include stock management, purchasing, ecommerce, EPOS, customer relationship management, accounts and business intelligence.

Through powerful data integration, the system automates the synchronisation of information across a business in real-time. Integration is not limited to a business’s internal platforms, as OrderWise connects with third-party sales platforms, couriers and accounting software.

OrderWise comes with core modules which have been developed to support businesses of all sizes, industries and sectors. However, additional modules and custom development are available to individual customers depending on their operational needs and growth aspirations. Due to its modular nature and constant development, OrderWise is scalable to grow alongside you as your operations grow.

What does OrderWise provide?

OrderWise has been designed to remove the administrative burden on staff through its data integration and the automation of real-time updates. However, the solution securely stores this data in one central location which is accessible on multiple devices.

In the warehouse, back-office, front-of-house or on the road, OrderWise provides workers with all the insights they need on stock, finances, orders, CRM and sales via ecommerce, EPOS or third-party.

With this information providing accurate business intelligence, instantly and easily, decision-makers are in a far superior position to make more profitable and faster strategic choices. With 200+ reports as standard and 500+ KPI dashboard functions, OrderWise users have access to valuable analytics in comprehensive and customisable formats. With this data, businesses can optimise forecasting to increase sales and improve order fulfilment.

How does OrderWise improve operational efficiency?

As the data populated by OrderWise is available across the business, the solution is proven to streamline warehousing, logistics, back-office and in-store processes.

Through the accuracy and visibility of business insights, workers are able to minimise the risk of errors while fulfilling orders and admin tasks with optimal speed and precision.

OrderWise tools, like Mobile WMS for Android, allow warehouse workers to access stock and warehouse information on an HHT device within the warehouse. The flexibility and mobility of this data combined with the real-time visibility of stock locations accelerates the speed of pick times and increases accuracy by 99.7%.

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By removing the need for multiple, disjointed and archaic paper-based systems, OrderWise keeps your team constantly connected with each other, your suppliers, your third parties, your customers and your prospects. OrderWise provides up-to-the-minute traceability from when stock is ordered, processed at goods in, picked, packed, despatched, delivered in-store or to a customer and everything in between.

It’s one thing having all the information required to maximise operational and logistical efficiency. But with OrderWise, businesses will know exactly where stock is, how much is required, what’s been sold, what isn’t being sold and who is buying.

How can OrderWise support your business growth?

As a solution, OrderWise does not just enable you to grow. It enables you to grow at your own pace and thoroughly forecast, budget and strategise for future growth.

Whether your business growth pipeline involves expanding warehouses, stores, online marketplaces, product portfolio, brands or customer base, OrderWise has the scalability to support this.

OrderWise is not just a solution. It’s powered by an expert team of software developers, project managers, customer support, installation technicians and trainers. All the OrderWise specialist teams are dedicated to ensuring our users the fastest and maximum ROI.

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