OrderWise in August 2022 – v22.8

OrderWise in August 2022 – v22.8

As August draws to a close, OrderWise opens the curtain on our latest software updates. The suite of software systems we supply will now go even further in their provision of everything from WMS to ERP, CRM, and far more besides. Discover the full range of what can be found in OrderWise Version 22.8 here in our latest release notes. For a brief summary of some of the most notable features, read on:


In version 22.8 a newly developed feature will allow attachments to be added to both batch supplier invoices and posted invoices. These can be added to every individual line of a batch invoice, and with specific settings enabled OrderWise can also give you a warning when you’re adding an invoice without an attachment.


As part of v22.8 the OrderWise API has been updated to allocate sales order lines to specific transactions. This can be done through the specific API Endpoint ‘POST/sales/order/{id}/manual-allocate’. To enable this feature to work as widely as possible, we’ve updated several pre-existing API Endpoints to accommodate this change.


With v22.8 a number of new updates are now available to ensure the despatch process is as seamlessly smooth as possible. These include:

  • EAN sharing systems – when an EAN is scanned that’s used by several different variants, you will now be shown a ‘confirm variant’ window. That will give you a list of all the variant codes to choose from that match a single EAN.
  • Pack scan variant messages – Scanning specific variants in a pack scan can now trigger the showing of specific message windows. These can either be small pop-ups, or fully maximised depending on your mode selection.
  • Save & Ship shortcut – New keyboard shortcuts mean you can reach save and ship by pressing F12 while in the despatch menu


Controlling and coordinating every action when it comes to stock control is always a vital consideration. That’s why v22.8 includes several new features to streamline the processes involved.

  • Category search – When you are adding a new variant, v22.8 accelerates the process by allowing you to type the category into search, rather than scrolling through.
  • Quick Adjust – In v22.8 the Serial number, batch number, and expiry date fields are now added to the quick adjust stock form.
  • External analysis button – Existing variant external analysis fields can be accessed from inside the analysis form through the button in the bottom left corner.


In v22.8 OrderWise is introducing the new development of Dashboard User Licences. This means you can now add a specific number of ‘Dashboard Users’ into your system, allowing a wider body of users access to the information displayed in the dashboard, while limiting your regular user licences to those who most urgently need it.

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