Access OrderWise CRM From Your Emails With Outlook Integration


Last month OrderWise unveiled the exciting new version of our valuable CRM module, providing the ideal solution for maintaining positive customer relationships and for targeting the right customers and prospects at the right time to build stronger, more profitable interactions.

Unlike most CRM systems, OrderWise CRM is not a stand-alone application. Instead it is fully integrated with the main OrderWise Business Management Software, providing a complete workflow management tool and central hub for all customer interactions, ensuring your business can grow without the need to increase overheads. OrderWise CRM can be configured and customised to match the needs of each role or department within the business, ensuring the right information is captured and prescribed workflows are followed effectively.

Extending these capabilities in version 18.3 of OrderWise, multiple new features have been added to the OrderWise CRM module in order to further benefit the usability of the extensive software.

Maximise visibility with Outlook integration

An integrated CRM system is the ideal central hub in which staff can manage all of their daily customer interactions. However, with staff navigating through multiple emails on a daily basis, it can be difficult to ensure all of these interactions are correctly recorded. Manually switching between emails and into the CRM software during hectic periods means information can be missed and communications not recorded if the employees are distracted by another call or email. This results in missing important follow ups and negatively effects the rapport of the business’s customer service skills.

Through the Outlook Calendar integration, OrderWise CRM already allows clear visibility of an individual or department schedule by day, by week and by month. This can be maintained accurately and automatically updated, as well as the ability to view appointments only or all arranged activities, businesses can ensure that sales staff time is well organised and appointments aren’t missed.

Add CRM records and activities from directly within Outlook

Now in version 18.3, this Outlook Integration has been further enhanced to enable access to OrderWise CRM from directly within your Outlook emails. This beneficial add-in means that within Outlook, users can add new activities and records where the email address links to a contact within the main OrderWise software, with the option to mark the activity as complete when required, for a seamlessly integrated CRM experience.

This enhancement to the integration means staff can effectively manage their communications and maintain accurate visibility in their day-to-day operations. Ensuring activities and records can be added instantly, businesses can optimise staff time and focus on nurturing leads.

Improve staff knowledge and drive sales

Arming staff with the correct resources when communicating with clients is vital to successful customer relationships. If staff do not have quick access to information they need, such as previous order history, paused orders or existing quotes, then they may not be able to provide efficient service. This lack of visibility can lead to failure in spotting potential sales and, ultimately, loss of custom.

Last month, the extensive OrderWise CRM already boasted direct visibility of orders, quotes and paused orders from directly within the CRM grid. This provides users with instant access to important order details on each customer as that is progressing through the CRM pipeline. Extending this, version 18.3 of OrderWise now shows credits and refunds along with orders, quotes and paused orders from within the orders tab of the CRM grid.

With this added functionality, staff can easily access an even broader range of information directly within CRM. This means client interactions can flow and sales can be driven forward effortlessly without the need to source the customers history of credits and refunds from elsewhere. Overall, this leads to an improved experience and repeat custom through more knowledgeable staff.

Improve accuracy and control of future activities

When managing a team of staff who are using CRM, it’s important to ensure they are correctly recording activities and their due dates. With communications between multiple clients often happening at any one time, it can be easy for staff to accidentally set future activities incorrectly. This simple mistake can lead to missed opportunities and diminished potential sales, as well as poor customer service if the customer is not contacted promptly.

Solving this, the latest version of OrderWise CRM provides a useful setting that enables users to select a chosen colour to appear on their CRM record if an activity is created too far in the future. This means that if, for example, staff are required to leave no longer than a 3 month gap between interactions, then the setting can warn users of when the activity is set 3 months or more into the future.

With clear visibility from directly within the pipeline of these records that are set too far into the future, staff can easily eradicate mistakes and maintain excellent customer service with regular contact. This simple feature means managers can spend less time ensuring their staff are accurately managing their workload, freeing up time to be spent on maximising sales.

Combined functionality of an all-in-one solution

The real power of OrderWise CRM comes when combining it’s capabilities with other existing modules for even further efficiency and profitability benefits. From the data within CRM, a wealth of information can be analysed and drilled down into via the OrderWise Business Intelligence module to unlock greater sales potential. Extending this even further, version 18.3 sees two new highly useful grids added to Business Intelligence, these are;

  • Company > Invoiced > Category Monthly Turnover
  • Company > Sold > Category Monthly Turnover

These grids allow the user to view monthly turnover for invoiced and sold items via categories. This means than by drilling down into a customer’s turnover, targeted CRM records can be created to gain potential future sales in the specific categories a business may sell. With this more focused approach, staff can easily focus on more high value leads and potential sales can be optimised.

Having these great new additions to the invaluable OrderWise CRM module means users can gain tighter, more accurate control of staff time with streamlined and more optimised processes. With our software continuing to develop each month, businesses can feel confident that the OrderWise CRM module has the unlimited capability of growing alongside their company.

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