Accurate Pricing For Items Sold By Weight With New Weighing Scales Integration

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In many retail and cash & carry environments, it is not uncommon for food items such as fresh fruit and meat to be sold by weight. Usually this means that customers will have their produce weighed and a selling price is then calculated for that quantity. However without solid integration between the company’s weighing scales and sales till, businesses may find that serving customers effectively becomes difficult.

For example, if a business has a lot of individual items in store that are sold based on weight, staff can find themselves having to manually calculate and enter prices based on the collective weight quantity the customer is buying. This ultimately hinders the speed at which staff can serve customers, as they have to take a considerable amount of time manually entering prices for the weighted products. This slow process is then accumulated if the customer is buying multiple products that need to be weighed at once. Therefore to avoid slower till service and the risk of over or undercharging a customer due to miscalculations, cash & carry and retail traders should have the ability for pricing to be automatically calculated based on the weight.

Scales Integration arrives to OrderWise Store EPOS

To combat this problem, weighing scales integration has been welcomed to our Store EPOS system this month. This integration is compatible with any weighing scales which support POS for Microsoft.NET, offering the flexibility to link our Store EPOS to most scales systems. Once the integration is in place and the corresponding pricing set up in OrderWise, this new feature allows prices to be automatically updated based on the weight of items being purchased. This means when a customer’s item is weighed, the price will automatically be updated in OrderWise Store EPOS, allowing for a speedy checkout each and every time.

EPOS Weighing Scales
With the ability to weigh products and have pricing automatically populated in OrderWise EPOS, you can eliminate the long process of manually inputting prices and replace it with greater accuracy and automation. Through this, businesses can ensure a quick service to customers and offer accurate pricing of all weighted items.

If you would like to know more about OrderWise Store EPOS, contact us on 01522 704083.

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