Access BI Alerts Across The Board With Improved Visibility In OrderWise Grids

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Whilst many companies want to actively watch all aspects of day-to-day operations, this can be a near impossible task as finding time to manually report on all happenings within a business, let alone actioning them in a timely fashion, being very difficult to achieve. The result of not having time to complete this manually can lead to businesses finding themselves constantly missing opportunities. Whilst intelligent reports may allow senior staff to drill down into detail to find the fundamental concerns within their operations, for more time-sensitive issues immediate attention is required before it is too late and need improved visibility.

Available both in-system and via the mobile app, users can already deliver data like never before with the innovative OrderWise BI Alerts Module. Enabling you to drill down even further without any of the hard work, BI Alerts offers a revolutionary solution to help users address important sales activity as and when it arises. The automated notification indicates that a predefined event or error condition has occurred and that some action is needed – a vital tool for being able act on crucial events as they happen.

Boost Visibility By Viewing Outstanding Alerts Across Various OrderWise Grids

BI improved visibility

Now within OrderWise, an invaluable new feature has been added that means companies with OrderWise BI Alerts have the ability to view all outstanding alerts against a specific record in various grids within the system. This means it is even easier to target and action important happenings within your business. The BI Alerts can now be visible within the following grids;

• Stock | Product List (Bottom Variants Grid)
• Stock | Variant List
• Sales | Customer List
• Purchasing | Supplier List
• System | Security | Users

By improving the visibility of these alerts across the board, businesses can fully maximise the productivity of staff as they are able to quickly target and action the notifications. Companies can also easily gain insight into who has alerts to action and ensure they are dealt with promptly and effectively. By utilising this continuously expanding functionality available from OrderWise BI Alerts, users are not only able to gain unparalleled insight into areas of importance within their business but can also instantly capture and act upon notifications in order to fully maximise sales opportunities.

For more information on the invaluable BI Alerts module, contact our team today on 01522 704083.

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