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One single, scalable and fully integrated ERP system

No matter what your business is, a business ERP system provides you an end-to end business management platform that can automate your company’s processes.

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Award-winning ERP solution

Whether you’re scaling your business, managing multiple partners, customers, locations or sales channels – or all of the above – a high-performance Enterprise Resource Planning system, (ERP system) will allow you to easily tap information from across departments and location to make faster, more profitable decisions.

ERP systems are the backbones of organisations. They make sure that every department is working together efficiently and consistently. Without an ERP system businesses have chaotic operations, don’t have the ability to forward manage revenue, inventory, and payroll and can’t track valuable data including project status, staffing allocation, compliance and other important data across industries.

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Reduce manual rekeying

If you want your business to grow, you need to make sure that you’re using the right tools. We’ve been partnering with businesses, large and small, for years – and we know how important it is to use software that’s going to help your business run fast and smooth.

Imagine never having to manually re-enter the same data across all of your systems again. The best way to find out if our ERP Software Works for you is to implement it yourself.

Streamline your operations

Make space for your innovative ideas with easy-to-use, integrated software. OrderWise gives you the tools to streamline your operations, from back-end to front, so you can create a system that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Let OrderWise take your business to the next level with our ERP systems. With a comprehensive solution that works across your entire business, you can achieve greater versatility in the ways you connect data, processes, and systems.

What our customers say…

There isn’t a single thing, it’s a combination of many things. The integration between all areas of the business, the amount of information at your fingertips, the automation, the reduction in errors, the productivity gains. We couldn’t do what we’re doing now without OrderWise.

Ian Shay, L&S Engineers
Commercial Director

OrderWise software plays a key role within the core of our business. We promise our customers the most efficient and proactive service when ordering with us, and this software is crucial in helping us provide that. We are also now using OrderWise to produce timed and targeted marketing campaigns, so there’s no doubt that this software will play a key part in our future.

Chris Illsley, Running Imp
Managing Director

Well we are an aggressively growing business, which means we’re always looking for new markets and customers while still developing our relationships with our existing clients. So for us it’s all about having a computer system and a partner there that allows us to grow together. OrderWise’s potential is limitless as far as we can see, so it’s all about planning what we can do now, what we can do a year down the line and just bringing everything that OrderWise can do for us into fruition.

Mark Thomson, Mackays
Financial Accountant

ERP systems for your industry

Wholesale Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter



Food and Beverage

Apparel and Footwear

Wholesale Distribution

Our OrderWise ERP system has the backing of three decades of experience and continues to be the leading choice in software for this industry. Using OrderWise, you will become the driver behind a fully-fledged warehouse operation with end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, stock and profit margins from one central hub.

Watch your workforce harness the power of barcode-scanning technology and manage your finances, reporting and overall sales using one integrated solution.

Warehouse & Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter

At OrderWise, we know merchant traders have their work cut out for them. Our specialist ERP system has been in use across thousands of businesses helping them to achieve customer excellence.

By sharing data across platforms as part of a multi-channel solution, you can make sales online, over the phone, through a sales representative or in branch, allowing your customers to choose how they do business with you.

Industry Merchant 2 | Orderwise


To keep up with raised customer expectations, retailers need to create a seamless multi-channel shopping experience and a functional back-end operation complete with an ERP system; setting the foundations for a profitable business.

Using OrderWise, you will unite your websites, online marketplaces, stores and sales to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s customer and become an industry leader.



Striking a perfect balance between controlling cost and maximising operational efficiency is often the biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry. Using OrderWise, you will have the capability to cater to all of these competing demands.

Whether you manage simple builds or multi-level assemblies, our software ensures complete cost and parts control, rapid production and increased accuracy all year round.



Manage your entire logistics operation, from supply and production to distribution and reverse, using our end-to-end software for third-party logistics. We streamline your processes from beginning to end, regardless of where your operation sits in the supply chain.

Store, pick, pack and ship with confidence while managing client onboarding and correspondence using a single, easy-to-use interface.



Running an efficient business operation whilst adhering to strict pharmaceutical compliance can be a constant battle, but with the right software, it doesn’t have to be.

Our all-in-one ERP and WMS solution is fully FMD compliant to help healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses get ahead of demand, as well as keeping track of ever-changing data for your products, customers and regulations.

Pharmaceutical Software | Orderwise

Food and Beverage

Whether you’re running a manufacturing or trading operation, OrderWise is experienced in building cost-effective solutions to manage expiry dates, batch numbers and storage temperatures within a food and beverage environment.

Our software allows the controlled handling of multiple weights, volumes and packages at any one time to speed up processes and provide complete operational fulfilment.

Food and Drink Software | Orderwise

Apparel and Footwear

Keeping up with fashion trends can bring operational headaches in the apparel and footwear industry, but that doesn’t mean it should be taxing work.

As a B2C or B2B trader, you can keep on top of seasonal transitions and peaks, manage garment sizes, styles, ranges and promotions, and control your supply chain from one cross-platform solution.

Apparel and Footwear Software | Orderwise
What is ERP

Why choose an OrderWise ERP System?

We can take your business to the next level with our ERP system. With a comprehensive solution that works across your entire business, you can achieve greater versatility in the ways you connect data, processes, and systems.

When you’re running a business without an ERP system or using an outdated one, it feels like you’re attempting to assemble a jigsaw puzzle with an incomplete picture on the box. Every decision is approached as speculative — you’re constantly left guessing how each one might impact the whole.

From orchestrating back-office processes to tracking inventory, the need for an ERP system is as vital as ever. Yet, not all solutions are created equal. Our award-winning ERP solution helps you automate and control your day-to-day and long-term tasks. While giving you key insights to intelligently predict your business’ future. With a leading product from a supplier you can trust, we help make your business systems more easy, integrated and user-friendly.

Key features

Stock Management

Stock Control

Achieve stock visibility and traceability across locations in real-time, and deliver unrivalled and accurate stock level management


Purchasing and Sales

Gain total stock visibility, fulfil sales potential, better control supply chain management and confidently make purchasing decisions

Ecommerce Website


Stylish and responsive built-to-sell B2B and B2C websites that seamlessly integrate with OrderWise for a complete business management solution

Ecommerce Integration

Ecommerce and Marketplace Integration

Cohesively manage sales channels, eliminate overselling and deliver better customer service by integrating your existing websites and marketplaces

Mobile WMS Device

Mobile WMS for Android and Courier Integration

Achieve rapid order fulfilment across your sites, with handheld terminals (HHTs) and integration with 60+ courier providers for automated operations

Warehouse Robotics Icon

Warehouse Automation

Maximise picking efficiency, reduce costs and drive business growth with an integrated Goods-to-Person robotics solution



Gain a complete view of your customer interactions, both from your desk and on-the-go through the OrderWise mobile app

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Alerts

With unparalleled insight, identify new opportunities, spot emerging trends, improve business performance and make real-time decisions with confidence

Reporting Icon

Reporting and KPIs

With 220+ reports as standard and 500+ KPI dashboard functions, OrderWise delivers all the analytics you need, precisely and without delays

Accounts Software


Automate invoices and view figures in real-time for greater control of your accounts, with a fully integrated and accredited solution


Manufacturing and Kitting

From simple bundles to multi-level BOMs with complex sub-assemblies, manage your inventory components with a solution that minimises losses



Integrated EPOS and POS software that drives excellent customer service even at peak times, easing pressures front-of-house and behind the scenes

How can ERP help my business?

For businesses of all sizes and across many industries, ERP systems can enable significant long-term cost savings, improved business insights, enhanced collaboration and increased efficiency. An ERP system is designed to align separate departments and improve workflows, keeping all of your data in one fully-integrated location for easy access and accurate, real-time information.

Streamline operations and collaborate
Increase your security and peace of mind
Enhance efficiency and reduce costs
Provide real-time data and increase business insight
ERP System | Orderwise

The complete guide to ERP Systems

What is an ERP System?
Where did ERP begin?
Modern ERP systems
Why does my business need an ERP system?
How to choose between on-premise and cloud ERP? 
What is the value of ERP to my business?
Why is OrderWise ERP the #1 choice?
How to integrate ERP into my business

Enterprise resource planning, more commonly referred to as ERP, is a type of software that businesses use to more effectively manage day-to-day activities from one central system. Integrating and streamlining the running of your business departments, ERP systems ensures any disconnected operations and data are drawn together into one place.

So, from end-to-end, an ERP system optimises the way you work. It cuts down on unnecessarily lengthy tasks and securely creates an ease of access for the information you need. Although the scope of an ERP system will vary from supplier to supplier, typical functions include stock control, order processing, eCommerce management, and accounting.

ERP is designed to reduce manual processes, eliminate inaccuracies, drive efficiencies and ensure better business decision making. ERP systems can be installed in the cloud, on-premise, or as a combination of the two. Although the scope of an ERP system will vary from supplier to supplier, typical functions include stock control, order processing, eCommerce management, and accounting.

Created in the 1960s, ERP systems were originally known as Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) software, which ran on huge mainframe computers and was only affordable to larger businesses. It helped companies balance factory production with inventory management, which enabled them to keep their stock levels low and reduce the amount of money tied up in their inventory.

The software soon expanded beyond manufacturing and stock control, beginning to integrate with other back-office functions such as finance, order management and distribution. It had moved on to become a more affordable and available solution, with businesses beyond the manufacturing industry beginning to make use of an integrated software system. By the mid-1990s, governments and non-profit organisations began to use the systems too.

Today, ERP systems have become more advanced, offering powerful real-time data whilst significantly reducing paper processes. Although a lot of modern ERP systems can be cloud-based, this can cause issues and disruption if there are no offline capabilities, such as in the case of a server outage. This why most businesses still prefer a desktop-first ERP solution, which can then be accessed remotely through cloud or app technology.

The ERP acronym was first used in the 1990s by tech research company The Gartner Group. This was as the system moved beyond manufacturing and more business functions suitable for wholesalers, distributors and retailers were beginning to be included. Since then, a growing number of companies have relied on ERP systems to streamline processes and improve their data visibility.

For the management world, ERP represents the evolution of software created to streamline business processes, with its popularity in recent years owed to the way it aims to integrate all essential business processes.

Choosing a software solution is a decision that often represents an important crossroads for businesses when looking to support their operations as they grow. Companies want to make sure they get a fast return on their investment and partner up with the right supplier. However, with a lot of software jargon out there, businesses can often struggle to see what exactly is being proposed and ultimately understand the benefits that are on offer.

For businesses just starting out, they can usually cope with managing information across multiple platforms and spreadsheets. However, as the company grows, this strategy can become costly, time-consuming and prone to problems.

This is when they begin to look for ways to keep up with increasing customer demand and avoid data mismanagement by investing in what is known as an ERP system.

Here at OrderWise, businesses can have the flexibility to choose. You can host your ERP software on-premise, in the cloud or use a combination of the two. The best way to discover which solution would work for your business is to talk to an expert, who can work with you to determine the best way forward for your specific operational requirements.

Regardless of the solution you decide, if you require access to your OrderWise solution on the go, OrderWise offers the ability to do so through secure remote desktop access.

ERP software provides centralised end-to-end visibility on your business while automating your processes which saves you time and money. ERP automates the synchronicity of data processes across all your departments and sites.

As well as reducing errors through lengthy manual data entry, ERP software also enhances Business Intelligence meaning you can make faster business decisions based on better-quality data.
OrderWise ERP System connects all your systems and data across departments, sites and operations with a free-flowing, high-functionality as an all-in-one solution.
From our end-to-end software, you will automate your processes, saving time and reducing costs in the day-to-day and ongoing, to really drive your business forward. With the breathing room to perform, you can look ahead with data insights to intelligently forecast your business’ future.
Through OrderWise ERP, get a fully-integrated system that’s award-winning, from a supplier you can trust. Choose from our broad range of modules to scale your software now and as you grow, from Sales and WMS to Accounts and Ecommerce.
A critical aspect of integrating an ERP system into your business is choosing the right support partner who not only takes the time to understand the nature of your industry and your day-to-day operations but takes the time to understand you as an individual.

OrderWise ERP is a scalable solution, which means it can be shaped to your business at different stages of your growth by adding additional modules based on your evolving requirements. Our specialist team provides unrivalled support while ensuring you achieve the maximum benefits of your optimal ERP functionality through a increased automation.

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