Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement 2022

Introduction & Organisational Structure

Founded in 1991, Wise Software develops and sells OrderWise, a market-leading business management software solution. OrderWise is used by small, medium and large businesses across the UK and beyond, with over 10,000 users across a wide range of industry sectors.

At present, we have 200 employees, across 15 departments, working out of our head offices in Saxilby, Lincoln.

Wise Software (UK) Ltd. is a UK registered company.

Supply Chain

We are fully committed to treating everyone in our business and supply chain with the utmost dignity and respect. We utilise many different products and services throughout the business, from a variety of suppliers. Our supply chains at present relate mainly (but not exclusively) to the following: digital content, IT infrastructure, customer services and marketing.

Throughout our supply chains, we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards. We believe as a business we should promote safe and fair working conditions for all, along with meeting our environmental and social responsibilities. We recognise as a business that we have a responsibility to encourage sustainability within our practices, as well as diversity and inclusion amongst our suppliers.

Modern Slavery

Wise Software is opposed to all forms of human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and all other trafficking-related activities. As a software provider, where all of our workers are employed directly by our organisation, we consider ourselves to be at low risk. We strictly prohibit human trafficking and the use of involuntary labour in our business, and endeavour to eliminate any possibility of potential human trafficking from our supply chains.

Our position is clearly communicated internally within the business. Employees have access to all Wise Software policies and statements as standard, including this one. All employees are required to comply with our policies and procedures, which, among other things, prohibits violations of law, including labour and employment laws. Our employees may report any violations of, or activity inconsistent with, our policies and procedures through our Whistleblowing and Complaints Policy & Procedure.

Management of Third Parties

As a business, we work with all third parties utilised/engaged by us to be mindful of, and compliant with, all ethical practices. We are working on making this more explicit in agreements/communications with partners to ensure our message is clear, and that they in turn must comply with anti-human trafficking and slavery legislation where relevant.


Wise Software is implementing further training for all employees to ensure full understanding and compliance with our policy against human trafficking, both in our business and our supply chains.


This statement is Wise Software’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

David Hallam

Founder & CEO

Wise Software (UK) Ltd.

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