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Looking to integrate the management of your key business processes?

Streamline tasks, manage data and resources?

Connect departments and enhance communication?

Then OrderWise ERP software is the perfect solution for your growing business.

Using our end-to-end software, your business will benefit from automated processes. Saving time and reducing costs in both the long and short term, to really help drive your business forward. With the breathing room to perform, you can look ahead with data insights to intelligently forecast your business’ future.

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Why ERP software from OrderWise?

With hundreds of providers on the market, you need to put your trust in a long term partnership that works for you. Our ERP solutions can be implemented to suit your current business set up or compliment your future plans. Either install cloud based, on-premise or a bespoke integration of the two.

We also make everything as straightforward as possible, from our billing and terms to our software itself, our team of in-house developers based in Lincolnshire make our ERP software as easy to use as possible, without compromising on quality and functionality.

Award-winning ERP Software tailored to your business

Implemented your way
Connected data and software
User-friendly interface

Our ERP software, shaped to your exact business requirements

ERP software implemented your way

Our end-to-end ERP solution is installed cloud based, on-premise, or as a combination of the two. So, whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you can be sure to get the best software setup for your business. Whatever your size, sector, or industry, our solution is mouldable to suit your specific requirements.

OrderWise software allows for flexibility with modular pieces that fit seamlessly together. You can add to your solution as you need, scaling your software to grow your business with confidence.

Connect your people, departments and data in one place, with one system

Connected data and software

Our ERP software creates centralised visibility of your operations. Joining together all your disparate systems and processes, you can work cohesively. All your data will be securely accessible from one place, in real-time with full integration. As a result, any slowing tasks like data rekeying or manual paper-based processes are all removed.

Your workflows can become more accurate, faster and less complex for your employees to complete. With OrderWise, you can cover all your business dilemmas, whether purchasing, ordering, making sales, or managing stock.

Built for easy use, so your whole team can benefit

User-friendly interface

Our developers have made our ERP software as easy to use as possible, all while keeping our high level of quality and functionality. Free-flowing and user-friendly, the interface can be quickly picked up by your team. We work alongside your business to learn about what you need, guiding you throughout your installation. Smoothly integrating with your staff and existing systems, you can start to work more efficiently straight away.

OrderWise also offers software user training for your whole team, so you can really maximise your abilities. We can show your employees how to make the most of Wise technology for your specific business, all from right here in the UK.

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OrderWise ERP for your industry

Wholesale Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter



Food and Beverage

Apparel and Footwear

Wholesale Distribution

OrderWise was built for wholesale distribution customers three decades ago and continues to be the leading choice in software for this industry. Using OrderWise, you will firstly, become the driver behind a fully-fledged warehouse operation. Concluding with end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, stock and profit margins from one central hub.

Watch your workforce harness the power of barcode-scanning technology. Manage your finances, reporting and overall sales using one integrated solution.

Warehouse & Distribution

Merchant and Trade Counter

We know merchant traders have their work cut out for them. That’s why our specialist software was built three decades ago to help businesses in this industry achieve customer excellence.

By sharing data across platforms as part of a multi-channel solution. You result in more sales online, over the phone and through a sales representative or in branch. This allows your customers to choose how they do business with you.

Industry Merchant 2 | Orderwise


To keep up with raised customer expectations, retailers firstly need to create a seamless multi-channel shopping experience. Along with a functional back-end operation complete with an ERP solution; setting the foundations for a profitable business.

As a result, you will unite your websites, online marketplaces, stores and sales to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s customer and become an industry leader.



Striking a perfect balance between controlling cost and maximising operational efficiency is often the biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry. Using manufacturing resource planning, you will have the capability to cater to all of these competing demands.

Whether you manage simple builds or multi-level assemblies. Our software ensures complete cost and parts control, rapid production and increased accuracy all year round.



Manage your entire logistics operation, from supply and production to distribution and reverse, using our end-to-end software for third-party logistics. We streamline your processes from beginning to end, regardless of where your operation sits in the supply chain.

Store, pick, pack and ship with confidence while managing client onboarding and correspondence using a single, easy-to-use interface.



Running an efficient business operation whilst adhering to strict pharmaceutical compliance can be a constant battle. But, with the right software, it doesn’t have to be.

Our all-in-one ERP and WMS solution is fully FMD compliant to help healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses get ahead of demand. As well as keeping track of ever-changing data for your products, customers and regulations.

Pharmaceutical Software | Orderwise

Food and Beverage

Whether you’re running a manufacturing or trading operation, OrderWise is experienced in building cost-effective solutions. Managing expiry dates, batch numbers and storage temperatures within a food and beverage environment.

Our software allows the controlled handling of multiple weights, volumes and packages at any one time to speed up processes and provide complete operational fulfilment.

Food and Drink Software | Orderwise

Apparel and Footwear

Keeping up with fashion trends can bring operational headaches in the apparel and footwear industry. But, that doesn’t mean it should be taxing work.

As a B2C or B2B trader, you can keep on top of seasonal transitions and peaks. Manage garment sizes, styles, ranges and promotions, and control your supply chain from one cross-platform solution.

Apparel and Footwear Software | Orderwise

What our customers say…

There isn’t a single thing, it’s a combination of many things. The integration between all areas of the business, the amount of information at your fingertips, the automation, the reduction in errors, the productivity gains. We couldn’t do what we’re doing now without OrderWise.

Ian Shay, L&S Engineers
Commercial Director

OrderWise software plays a key role within the core of our business. We promise our customers the most efficient and proactive service when ordering with us, and this software is crucial in helping us provide that. We are also now using OrderWise to produce timed and targeted marketing campaigns, so there’s no doubt that this software will play a key part in our future.

Chris Illsley, Running Imp
Managing Director

Well we are an aggressively growing business, which means we’re always looking for new markets and customers while still developing our relationships with our existing clients. So for us it’s all about having a computer system and a partner there that allows us to grow together. OrderWise’s potential is limitless as far as we can see, so it’s all about planning what we can do now, what we can do a year down the line and just bringing everything that OrderWise can do for us into fruition.

Mark Thomson, Mackays
Financial Accountant

Key features

Stock Management

Stock Control

ERP achieves stock visibility and traceability across locations in real-time, and deliver unrivalled and accurate stock level management


Purchasing and Sales

Gain total stock visibility, fulfil sales potential, better control supply chain management and confidently make purchasing decisions

Ecommerce Website


Stylish and responsive built-to-sell B2B and B2C websites that seamlessly integrate with OrderWise for a complete business management solution

Ecommerce Integration

Ecommerce and Marketplace Integration

Cohesively manage sales channels, eliminate overselling and deliver better customer service by integrating your existing websites and marketplaces

Mobile WMS Device

Mobile WMS for Android and Courier Integration

Achieve rapid order fulfilment across your sites, with handheld terminals (HHTs) and integration with 60+ courier providers for automated operations

Warehouse Robotics Icon

Warehouse Automation

Maximise picking efficiency, reduce costs and drive business growth with an integrated Goods-to-Person robotics solution


CRM Software

ERP gains a complete view of your customer interactions using CRM software, both from your desk and on-the-go through the mobile app

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Alerts

With unparalleled insight, identify new opportunities, spot emerging trends, improve business performance and make real-time decisions with confidence

Reporting Icon

Reporting and KPIs

With 220+ reports as standard and 500+ KPI dashboard functions, OrderWise delivers all the analytics you need, precisely and without delays

Accounts Software


Automate invoices and view figures in real-time for greater control of your accounts, with a fully integrated and accredited solution


Manufacturing and Kitting

From simple bundles to multi-level BOMs with complex sub-assemblies, manage your inventory components with a solution that minimises losses



Integrated EPOS and POS software that drives excellent customer service even at peak times, easing pressures front-of-house and behind the scenes

The complete guide to investing in ERP software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP software) is a phrase that has been big in the business world since the late 20th century. As the world moved through the 90s and into the 00s towards an internet age. The modern ERP became the next big thing that businesses wanted to adopt. As the product evolved and began to cater for the likes of SME’s, multiple variations of the solution appeared on the market. Thereby raising the question ‘Which ERP software is right for my business?”

With its diverse capabilities in today’s ERP software buying market, multiple teams have become responsible for organising its implementation into their business. In particular, the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), sales and marketing manager. And even the warehouse manager is taking the lead in choosing an appropriate provider.

Choosing an ERP provider isn’t all black & white

While one report shared that ERP software helped around 95% of businesses, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Implementing software is the right course of action for most, but choosing an ERP provider isn’t as black and white as it may seem.

Whichever solution works for your biggest competitor won’t necessarily work for your business. Dependent on your needs, ERP might not even be the answer to truly streamlining your processes. The businesses that follow the lead of others often end up with a piece of software that isn’t fit for purpose. In turn, this leads to businesses creating disjointed processes in order to meet their needs.

It’s surprising how many teams are still using Excel to manage some of their disconnected processes. And how easily things can go wrong when heavily relying on it. In 2020, Public Health England lost nearly 16,000 cases of coronavirus because of the rows limitation in Excel2. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, the smooth running of your day-to-day work is the true answer to business success, and a well-suited ERP software is what’s going to deliver that.

Gain confidence to grow your business

Fear is the number one blocker for ERP software implementation in CEOs. The research found that risks associated with digital transformation were a top concern, and this is down to multiple reasons.

To start with, business competition is rife and CEOs don’t want to put a wrong foot forward. A recent survey found that 75% of chief officers have a fear of disruption from data-driven, digital competitors. In a bid to beat the competition, this fear can cause CEOs to rush into a technology investment that isn’t right for the business.

Whether it’s the same software as a competitor, or as a result of receiving conflicting advice on the market, this costly mistake can easily diminish confidence in a CEO to find a suitable replacement.

Taking the L -ERP of faith

Risks associated with implementing ERP are mainly down to the lack of research that businesses conduct before acquiring a new solution. As the website Software Suggest puts it, “you can increase the probability of a successful project by selecting an efficient vendor.” To prevent a repeat of history, CEOs need to do their due diligence and work out what their business requires from a new solution.

Furthermore, CEOs need to have confidence in their decision. Success rates in ERP implementation are high, with a recent study highlighting that “two thirds (67%) of [their] participants rate their implementation as successful or very successful and only one out of 315 described theirs as a failure”.

Taking the business in the right direction

An integrated solution is the answer for COOs to keep their finger on the pulse in a changing digital environment. By understanding the different teams. Their processes and their daily activity. COOs will finally be able to put out the fire when it comes to feuds between departments, helping the business move forward.

What’s more, by integrating external platforms such as courier portals, payment gateways and ecommerce marketplaces into ERP software. COOs are able to better monitor external services and prevent any backlash from the likes of missed deadlines.

The main reason for a COO to adopt an integrated system is that there are less points of failure. COOs can ensure the business provides the first-class service for its customers around the clock with integrated ERP software.

pexels simon migaj 1237528 | Orderwise

Deloitte’s Finance 2025

Digital transformation in finance report19 explains the future of ERP software for financial professionals. It describes how businesses are looking for systems operating like smart phones that download updates overnight. Many CFOs cease to believe that software is capable of providing this level of automation through cloud-hosted platforms.

In addition, quality ERP integrates with leading accounting platforms, so finance teams aren’t forced to say goodbye to their much-loved tools, either. These integrations remove the need for users to rekey information from multiple platforms, creating less legwork for the department as a whole.

Speed up sales and improve efficiency

A recent survey found that 65% of sales professionals feel they lack time and suitable resource when performing their job. This can lead to a number of complications in the department. With a lack of resource to store sales information, most of it ends up being stored in inboxes and personal documents, creating a business continuity problem when a team member takes an unforeseen absence. Not having the data to understand customers can quickly lead to missed opportunities in upselling and cross-selling. In the worst case, create a bad rapport when their customers don’t receive the response they were looking for.

What’s more, research from Hubspot found that more sales professionals are spending up to 60 minutes a day on data entry. So, even if the business has a shared platform to input the sales information, rekeying the data is time-consuming and subject to human error. Unfortunately, this could also mean that customer price lists aren’t correct, either, and one typo could be the difference between making a sale and missing out. Then there’s the case of what sales professionals have to work from. Lack of real-time visibility of stock from outdated or non-existent systems will cause sales teams to over-or undersell.

Plus, a lack of communication between teams will mean that customers are approached by different departments in the business. A study found that 43% of sales and marketing teams lack accurate data on target accounts and prospects. Resulting in a serious misalignment between teams that can incur damage to business reputation. In fact, other research found that 67% of businesses are better at closing deals when sales and marketing work together.

pexels tiger lily 4483608 3 | Orderwise

Achieve ultimate warehouse harmony

Every day is a busy day for managers overseeing the warehouse operation. From dealing with goods in, product storage and couriers, to managing recruitment, the workforce and operational targets. A warehouse manager has a lot on their plate. Plus, with unfit software to contend with on top of this, their day job is only made harder.

34% ended up shipping late because of products they sold that weren’t in stock

The pressure is high in a traditional warehouse environment, especially during peak sales periods like Black Friday and Christmas. Meaning errors become all the more frequent. Worryingly, research shows that human error was reported as a top issue in 46% of warehouses when it came to goods in.

This combination of errors decreases satisfaction rates from customers and sadly, warehouse managers are in the firing line for blame.

Communication is key

Now it’s understood how each department operates individually, it’s equally important to put them together to view the bigger picture. Running a business with no software in place can easily cause a domino effect of problems that end up being seen at the top of the business. Putting increasing pressure on management, right down to the line pickers. A lack of communication across departments, lack of clarity on stock and performance all contributes to continuously decreasing satisfaction, both internally and externally.

ERP software is the answer for the CEO, COO, CFO, sales and marketing manager, and warehouse manager. But their approach to choosing the software is what’s most important. By ensuring each candidate chooses a solution that relieves daily stressors, meets departmental requirements and will stand the test of time; it’s looking to be a very prosperous future for their business.

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