Orderwise Roadshow

Weren't able to join us? Here are the need-to-know highlights.

orderwise roadshow

Three stops. 
One mission.

Throughout June 2024, the Orderwise Roadshow brought together hundreds of community members across the UK to explore the latest trends, strategic directions, and innovations at Orderwise.

Recap & Highlights

Each of the three days began with a networking breakfast, creating the perfect atmosphere for attendees to connect, share experiences, and build relationships from the get-go.

The morning kicked off with an insightful market outlook session, offering valuable insights into current economic trends. This session also unveiled the vision for the future of Forterro and Orderwise, outlining our current position and where we're heading.

One of the most anticipated segments was the customer panel, where inspiring stories of resilience and innovation took center stage. Our customers shared practical takeaways and real-life examples of how Orderwise has transformed their operations. A huge thank you all the customers involved for their insights.

The excitement peaked in the afternoon sessions with the unveiling of our latest innovations and an exclusive showcase of the cutting-edge cloud developments set to revolutionise Orderwise. To wrap up, our Services team showcased how we plan to continue serving and supporting our customers in new and improved ways.

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Want to learn more? Contact your dedicated Orderwise Account Manager.

We want to make it easier and faster for Orderwise users to access our expertise. With our new Flex-Services offering, you can utilise a catalogue of points throughout the year to unlock a suite of professional services. From installing Orderwise to module setup and server migration, use your points to ensure smooth functioning. 

Orderwise Cloud

Imagine a world where work isn't confined to an office or limited by time. That's the promise of Orderwise's new cloud offering. Our SaaS model seamlessly integrates your entire work ecosystem into one subscription, bundling software, services, support, and licensing into a convenient monthly payment. Best of all? We've developed a web-client to enhance the solution that the Orderwise community has been waiting for.

Enhancing Support

This year we're enhancing our support services with new initiatives. These include reorganising into specialised teams to provide more focused expertise and improving support efficiency with a 98% SLA on tickets to ensure timely and reliable assistance. The introduction of Flex-Services will also enable easier and more flexible consumption of our offerings.

Your Future

Did you know that every Orderwise customer has a dedicated Account Manager? If you haven't already, it's time for a catch up. Whether it's a new website or new locations, get in touch with your plans for the future and we'll work with you to bring out out the best in your business.

Each day concluded with an 'Ask Me Anything' session where customers posed their questions to our Senior Leadership Team, providing direct answers to key queries.

Questions of your own? Let's keep the conversation going.

"A very insightful day at a beautiful venue. Great to see some exciting developments that will power us to the next level."

"A fantastic day learning more about the exciting developments and roadmap for the product."

"The future of Orderwise software looks exciting! Seeing the upcoming developments and the development roadmap was really insightful."

"The roadshow was excellent. The speakers gave us great insight into the benefits of Orderwise and networking with other users was very useful."

orderwise roadshow 2024

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