What’s new? OrderWise updates from 2023 (so far)

OrderWise mock warehouse

The start of the UK summer holidays brings a couple of questions: Where is the sun? And where did the first part of the year go?  

We can’t do much about the weather, unfortunately. But we can take a moment to reflect on what’s been happening at OrderWise so far in 2023, focused particularly on the work we’ve been doing to enhance the overall experience for our 1000s of valued users.

Research & Development, plus Product Management

Through the first part of this year, we’ve made some internal structural changes – all designed to benefit you as users:

  • In our Research & Development team, there is now a more defined split between smaller functional updates/fixes and strategic enhancements, meaning an even more dedicated group looking further ahead to bring you the critical feature updates you need. 
  • The strategic development roadmap will be directed by a new Product Management function. We’re excited to bring this focus and capability into our business, with roles dedicated to assessing customer needs and market trends – ensuring that development has fast and meaningful impact for customers.
  • Part of the Product Management remit will also be to engage directly with users, and we’ll be announcing initiatives later in year about how you can be more involved with the future direction of the OrderWise product.
  • From June, we have also moved from a monthly to a quarterly product release cycle. The extended time means our quarterly feature releases benefit from the work of multiple development sprints, and we have the necessary time to fully test, refine and deliver new functionality from our strategic roadmap. 

Cloud-based OrderWise

A major project already well under way by our R&D and Product Management teams is the creation of a cloud-based OrderWise web solution. This in conjunction with a wider Cloud Ops group in our business, dedicated to cloud infrastructure with advanced capability of monitoring, maintenance and security.

We’ll be sharing much more on this in the coming weeks and months, but what we can say now is that the cloud version is based on the same comprehensive and powerful functionality you know and love – but with dynamic capabilities meaning OrderWise will be accessible via a browser. Information on early adoption will be available soon – so stay tuned.

Better & more streamlined support

If you need software support, you want to know you can get it quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’re introducing new processes designed to ensure queries and tickets are routed to the right place, first-time. Based on industry best practices, we’ll be working towards –

  • Designated user support contacts to streamline communication.
  • Dedicated teams for specific requirements such as support tickets, implementation questions and knowledge gaps.
  • More video content, and better help guides for enhanced 24/7 self-service. 

Future implementation of a support portal to view logged tickets and updates on open cases.

Software releases

We continue to make regular improvements to your OrderWise solution, ensuring you have the latest and best functionality to support your operations and growth. Among the recent releases are enhancements to our Sales functionality, new capabilities in our Android HHTs and new features within Purchasing.  

A reminder that all release notes are available on our website.

Growth & investment

It’s now nearly a year since OrderWise (Wise Software) was acquired by Forterro, and our business continues to go from strength to strength. Locally, our team remains fully committed to delivering the best software and service possible. This is driven by our Business Unit Leader, Steve Ridgley, supported by fellow SLT members Alex Liggett (Director, Services) and Jon Roberts, (Director, Sales). And many of the updates covered in this blog are made possible because of the wider resources, expertise and experience from which OrderWise can benefit as part of a group of innovative ERP providers across Europe. But that only matters provided we’re making changes that benefit users, and we’re regularly communicating those to you.

Look out later in the year for more updates and events, aimed at helping you to take everything we’re doing and leveraging to your advantage.