Enhancing efficiency in delivery and fleet management

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Ensuring the quick, efficient, and cost-effective fulfillment of customer orders is paramount for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Various factors influence the choice of routing methods to deliver orders efficiently. For companies with extensive distribution operations, managing their own fleet of delivery vehicles often provides greater control over dispatch scheduling and offers the flexibility to be more responsive to customer needs. Additionally, delivery vehicles can serve as mobile advertisements, enhancing brand visibility.

However, managing a fleet requires meticulous logistical management to ensure timely order deliveries. Relying on manual processes such as paper records, Excel spreadsheets, or outdated systems can lead to disorganisation and lack of visibility. Dispatch operators may struggle to track orders, leading to inefficiencies like longer routes, double bookings, and ultimately, delays and poor customer service. 

Therefore, a robust system is essential for effective vehicle allocation and routing management.

Orderwise offers comprehensive functionality to streamline transport, routing, and delivery processes for businesses using their own delivery fleets. 

Streamline your transport management 

Vehicle and delivery route management

  • Vehicle Grid: Stores and edits vehicle properties, displaying planned usage for each vehicle, including deliveries and maintenance.
  • Delivery Route Details: Allows the setup and storage of delivery routes, grouping similar customer delivery addresses for maximum efficiency.
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Editing Grids: Facilitate the planning and management of delivery runs, providing dispatch managers with full visibility of orders allocated to each run.

Time-saving templates

Weekly templates can be created in the Orderwise and applied to weekly run schedules in the Despatch module, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Flexible features

The intuitive nature of this module ensures flexibility. For instance, if a delivery route lacks available runs or scheduled runs are full, a report can be generated to inform the transport manager about the need for additional capacity. The system allows for splitting orders across different runs and informing customers about the split deliveries, maintaining transparency and reliability.

Enhanced routing with Google Maps

Orderwise integrates with Google Routing API to optimise delivery routes. Geotags for all delivery addresses are passed to the API, which suggests the best route, ensuring speedy and accurate deliveries. This feature also manages customer returns, assigning them to scheduled runs, thus providing complete control over both delivery and returns processes.

Accurate delivery cost calculation

Calculating delivery fees correctly is a challenge for businesses using their own fleet vehicles, as factors like fuel costs and driver salaries must be considered. Manual calculations can be time-consuming and error-prone, risking losses or deterring customers with high fees. Orderwise Transport Management & Routing offers a streamlined solution, allowing users to manage vehicle and driver properties, plan routes, schedule runs, and more. With the delivery cost calculator, users can set fixed or hourly usage costs, and fuel costs per mile, ensuring accurate delivery cost calculations. This functionality helps businesses maintain profitability while keeping customers satisfied.

Real-time visibility and proof of delivery

For businesses using their own delivery fleets, it’s vital to equip drivers with the tools they need for every step of the journey, including proof of delivery. Clear visibility of scheduled drop-offs and collections, optimal routes, and easy access to customer contact details are essential to avoid disorganised deliveries, delays, and failed deliveries.

Orderwise Proof of Delivery

The Orderwise Proof of Delivery (POD) app provides drivers with:

  • Full Visibility: Drivers can sync delivery runs and calendar, view delivery schedules, and see which vehicle is assigned to each run.
  • Google Maps Integration: Ensures drivers take the fastest routes and avoid traffic.
  • Customer Contact Details: Easy access for making phone calls to minimise failed deliveries.
  • Digital Signature Collection: Allows drivers to capture recipient signatures, stored within the delivery and return history for future reference.

Transport Management Overview

A Transport Management Overview grid in the Despatch module displays all planned runs for the day, including completed and failed deliveries. Combined with POD, it shows the last known location of each driver and provides proof of delivery details, enabling real-time visibility and proactive issue management.

Photo capture functionality

The Orderwise POD app includes photo capture functionality. Drivers can take and store up to five photos per delivery drop, providing additional evidence when necessary, such as deliveries left in safe places or unsuccessful delivery attempts. These photos are synchronised back to the main Orderwise system and accessible within the delivery history screen, ensuring accurate records and faster response times to customer inquiries.

Elevate your transport management today

In today's fast-paced world, customers expect nothing less than swift, efficient, and reliable service. For modern businesses, leveraging advanced transport and routing features isn't just a nice-to-have—it's essential. These tools provide the enhanced visibility, flexibility, and real-time data needed to ensure orders are fulfilled accurately and on time. With comprehensive vehicle management, smart route planning, precise cost calculations, and real-time proof of delivery, businesses can not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The result? Happier customers, increased loyalty, and a clear path to long-term success and profitability.

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