The newly improved grid query builder

Grid query builder

Information is always important, but without proper processing and clear context, it won’t ever be meaningful. That’s why OrderWise has been building new and innovative enhancements to our existing systems. All to let you get your business’s data in the most intuitive and innovative ways possible. Last month, we released a range of updates to a key tool. The grid query builder.

Queries have always been a key part of any database system. Saving and sorting carefully chosen parameters for quick access to areas of particular interest. What the grid query builder now provides is an even deeper dive into existing systems. Allowing a single query to contain multiple nested and/or divisions as part of a single query.

To understand more about how and why this works, consider the following examples:

Example one – Multi-region analysis OR engagement level focus

Eva visits a specific subset of regions as a senior account manager for the South West on a regular basis. Exeter, Plymouth, and Truro. She’s been paying special attention to the accounts in these regions with low recent engagement with the company, and has been passing out the feedback she’s been getting about this to the wider accounts manager teams.

To see the full effect she’s been having on the situation, she wants to look at all the kinds of accounts she’s been dealing with and the ones that she’s been instructing other accounts managers to investigate. She creates a query that specifies to bring up data from accounts based in Exeter AND Plymouth AND Truro OR Accounts with an engagement threshold below a certain level in the rest of the country.

Example two – Marketing impact filter AND ecommerce results

A new product line is being rolled out as part of Davina’s company’s latest expansion. As is usual, management selects England’s proto-typical microcosm market as a testing site for putting the new items in their brick and mortar stores. Swindon. However because the data from such sites get skewed since her company so often tests there, she’s chosen two extra sites for veracity. Carlise and Canterbury.

But Davina wants to get the full picture, as she is convinced that the new product line will also do well online nationally. Specifically with old customers who have not engaged with their brand much in the last six months. But she doesn’t want to mix the results with people who have seen the bricks and mortar marketing in Canterbury, Carlisle, or Swindon, so she needs to use only the data from other regions.

The query she creates can contain bricks and mortar sales in Canterbury AND Carlisle AND Swindon OR customers who bought online who have not made purchases within six months AND whose shipping address was in the North East, the Midlands, or London. This single query can then be saved and kept for checking over the course of the new product rollout.

Example three – Trend tracking OR employee analysis

BI alerts have told Gretchen that the overall number of orders was down last month. Closer examination of the numbers however reveals that, as a percentage, the number of orders over 1,000 kg are rising, but only in specific variants. To find out exactly where the trend is, and monitor any developments in the short-to-medium term, Gretchen can build a query that covers accounts she specifically deals with AND specifically looks at orders over 1,000 kg in total weight OR where the majority of the composition of the order falls within a specific variant.

Saving this query means Gretchen can keep track of this trend to see if it’s still happening a month from now, or six months, or even a year. Is this a fad, a trend, or some form of persistent new market condition? With the right kind of query, regularly checked, Gretchen can know for sure.

Learn more about the grid query builder

Discover more about how OrderWise can help you understand your data with more insightful combinations than you ever thought possible. With the newly enhanced grid query builder, you can keep track of an endless range of nested and specific questions, all at the push of a button. Talk to OrderWise today to learn more and discover how your business can and will benefit from making full use of these kinds of changes.