Supply and ever-increasing demand

Supply and ever-increasing demand

There is intensifying pressure on businesses and 3PL (third-party logistics) providers that hold stock in warehouses or storage to protect their supply chain and ensure order fulfilment.

Despite the warehouse being one of the most crucial links in the supply chain, it is reportedly feared that:

“The UK could run out of warehouse space within a year, as supply chain disruption and a boom in online shopping propel demand to record levels, according to property agent Cushman & Wakefield’[1].

Additionally, research from Forrester Research states:

“By 2025, online retail will account for 35% of all retail, which means that at least 64m sq ft of additional warehouse space will be needed for that sector alone.”[2]

On top of concerns over warehousing space and accessibility, the industry and UK’s supply chain has also been hit by labour, shipping containers and haulier shortages, as well as increasing consumer demand online.

Achieving more with less

Warehouses must adapt to work more efficiently with less labour and create a more spacious environment with increased stock at goods in, storage and despatch.

The concept of having to manage more with less is undoubtedly daunting, but it’s exactly what all thriving warehouses are doing, to not just cope, but excel even with worker and supply struggle.


To achieve maximum efficiency and control, your business needs integration to streamline and automate your warehouse operations. With one centralised solution, you can enhance the productivity and accuracy of your warehouse to effectively manage dramatic fluctuations of labour and stock with the warehouse resource that you have.

By integrating your data, processes and workflows with an ERP or WMS solution, your team can operate with maximum proficiency and enable your business to focus your resource in the areas that will drive growth.

Forward-thinking layout

With a fully integrated ERP and WMS solution, your business has access to the most up-to-date and accurate business data in real-time. With enhanced business intelligence and forecasting capabilities, you can better physically structure your warehouse to improve stock management and the agility of your workforce.

By ensuring the most seamless goods in, picking, packing, quality assurance and despatch processes possible, you create a structured warehouse while reducing errors and disruptions to deliveries and order fulfilment.

Data accessibility

The use of an integrated software solution within your warehouse will also help reduce lengthy, manual processes through data and workflow automation.

With mobile, handheld devices that allow your workers to access data on your stock, orders and other warehouse operations, you omit the need for paperwork, which will free up additional space and time in your warehouse. Additionally, mobile HHTs that provide access to real-time warehouse data will increase the sped at which your workers fulfil their duties.

Traceability and visibility

To run your warehouse with maximum productivity and accuracy, you need to be able to easily access information across your business.

How differently would you plan your warehousing activity if you were alerted the moment an order was placed online? What would it mean if sales reports could be automatically generated at the click of a button?

With an end-to-end, integrated ERP or WMS, you can have optimal visibility across your entire organisation. Imagine instant visibility on your stock levels, deliveries from your suppliers to your despatches.

What about alerts the moment an item is ordered online or in-store to when the sale is processed? Or how about when you’re entrusting your third-party logistics provider or courier with ensuring order fulfilment and on-time delivery? You could continue to trace that order outside of the warehouse all the way into your customer’s doorstep.

Grow at your pace

All of this can be achieved through a fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or WMS (Warehouse Management Software) solution, enabling you to make more profitable and time-saving business decisions within your warehouse.

With smoother and more controlled processes, as well as accurate forecasting, your business is more resilient to supply disruptions, worker shortages and warehouse demand. You set the pace for your business growth.