OrderWise in October 2022 – v22.10

OrderWise in October 2022 – v22.10

October may be the spooky season, but this year there should be no fear of OrderWise’s developmental momentum slowing down. Our software engineers will be delivering nothing but treats as this month’s release notes can demonstrate in detail. Version 22.10 has new features, updates, and improvements aplenty. Read on to discover more.

Courier integration

The movement of components, materials, products, or any other kind of package, is a key component of dozens of different types of businesses. For that reason, OrderWise continues its work in updating and improving the breadth and seamlessness of our courier integration options. In v22.10 courier integration functionality has been updated for the systems listed below. For complete details of the exact changes, see the release notes in full.

  • Whistl/Parcelhub API – Advanced
  • Whistl/Parcelhub API – Advanced International
  • DHL Parcel Netherlands API
  • Polar Speed
  • APC Hypaship – Direct Feed

Email security integration

Email is a crucial communication artery for so many aspects of every modern business’s operations. Security in this arena is therefore an absolutely extreme priority. Microsoft understands this, which means the authentication processes they use around Email systems go through a constant process of refinement.

On occasion, these changes are of a kind where OrderWise needs to update the software to ensure the functionality is optimised and security is uncompromised. In version 22.10, OrderWise now configures SMTP servers within our System functionality to send emails from within OrderWise itself. You can now use OAuth to connect your email client to OrderWise directly. This helps us keep email security in place, to ensure your business preserves privacy when and where it’s most apt and needed.

Enforce Weight at Goods In

Keeping track of all the details of your stock will have all kinds of applications for many different manners of operation. Exactly what detail matters where will vary, and for many businesses, a key component of that will be weight. In OrderWise v22.10 you will now be able to choose an option that makes weight information a necessarily recorded data point, letting the process of tracking every last gram of goods become a natural component of ongoing operations.

Google Analytics 4

Earlier this year, Google released the fourth generation of its online analytics suite. A valuable set of data-gathering and insight-illuminating tools that have the potential to give online businesses a crucial competitive edge as they examine customer behaviour and market trends. These include cross-device tracking, events and event parameters, a new analysis hub, and a selection of predictive metrics. If your business is looking to switch over to this latest set of internet indicators, you’ll be pleased to know that OrderWise v22.10 will now support this. For more information on the details, speak to our customer success team.

Volume based delivery

Specifics around international shipping and the costs and charges incurred can vary substantially. Many such shipments now need more information about volume rather than weight. This is information that OrderWise v22.10 is now optimally equipped to process at the checkout stage. Alongside weight and price, customers can check volume of their order at the checkout stage, and select the most apt delivery method according to their preference. OrderWise continues to deliver more and more detailed processes for you, your customers, and every stage of the operations that connect the two.

Discover OrderWise v22.10

Learn more about what is on offer with v22.10 by viewing our release notes in full here. Or alternatively, discover more about the full capacity of the OrderWise system by speaking to a member of our customer success team. Learn what it really means to make full use of every process your business performs, by integrating them fully into a seamlessly sophisticated business management software solution.