Streamline Your Despatch And Returns Processes With Two New Courier Integrations

Courier Integrations

This month sees Royal Mail API and FedEx Returns integrations join our list of 50+ courier links.

Manually rekeying order information into a range of different courier platforms can be a time-consuming process that can significantly increase the likelihood of errors. This can lead to despatch delays or items being shipped to the wrong address. With OrderWise Courier Integration offering links to over 50 popular couriers, including DPD, UKMail, UPS, Seller Fulfilled Prime and many more, you can eliminate these issues and massively streamline despatch and returns.

Using OrderWise Courier Integration allows businesses to automatically transfer delivery information to the courier of your choice and, for those shipping through multiple couriers, you can even automate your selection based on factors such as country, weight or volume. This Delivery Rules tool enables you to set the optimum delivery method for every order, eliminating errors and ensure the most cost-effective option is always chosen.

Now extending the courier integrations we have available in version 19.9 of OrderWise, this month sees Royal Mail API integration added, as well as a new FedEx integration for handling returns.

Royal Mail API shipping

Adding to our pre-existing Royal Mail integrations including Click & Drop, this month sees a sophisticated new API integration to the Royal Mail API to version 19.9 of OrderWise.

This integration is ideal for Royal Mail Business Account holders who send more than 100 items a day, allowing you to monitor your customer journey more closely through service enhancements such as SMS and email notification, as well as Saturday delivery. Shipment manifests can be created for individual service codes, with the flexibility to update or cancel shipments quickly and easily, ensuring you’re billed correctly and even include CN23 documentation for international shipments.

FedEx Returns

Returns are inevitable, especially when it comes to online shopping. A quick and reliable despatch and return process can improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty which, in-turn, can boost your profits.

Now when creating a return within OrderWise, you can integrate with FedEx for streamlined goods returns handling. Through this integration, you can create a consignment number for a return from a customer’s address to one of your own. The parcel can then be tracked, and a barcode generated for when the parcel arrives at Goods In.

If you would like to discuss our new courier integrations in further detail, then please contact us on 01522 704083.