Seamless LUCKINSlive Integration with OrderWise


Give your customers easy access to over a million items, without the legwork.

Databases are a cornerstone of modern life. The ability to keep accurate records, that can be searched, arranged, and filtered with the touch of a button has provided revolutionary advancements to sectors ranging from cooking recipes to criminal records, and book collections to building and construction materials. With the last of those two, just as books have the international standard book number, so too do building materials have LUCKINSlive. A service that makes tracking down every last item simpler and easier than ever before. This extreme efficiency makes it a natural fit for integration with OrderWise.

Luckins provides its invaluable service in the form of itemising and organising over one million separate and individual items. These include electrical equipment, plumbing products, HVAC components, data devices, sanitation supplies, renewable energy resources, and much more besides. This is a service Luckins has been providing to the UK’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) sector since 1966, so like OrderWise they are seasoned experts in their particular field.

The LUCKINSlive integration with OrderWise allows you to search and find whichever items you need, and then add them into your own data system for later use.

Luckins Development Specialist Kevin Gutteridge described the potential of this new connection: “By integrating LUCKINSlive directly into the Orderwise system, as well as a route into the UK’s industry standard database for MEP product and pricing information, our mutual customers will also gain seamless access to enriched data sets from LUCKINSlive product information management systems. All entirely in real time. Attributed data, images and manufacturer product catalogues and specifications will also be available on demand at point of sale”

In system, all this is accomplished via the product search box. From there you can easily access the Luckins integration by clicking the apt button in the top right-hand corner.

Within the Luckins product search box you can search by TSI code, keyword, or taxonomy. Once you’ve pinned down the specific item you need, all of its information will show. When adding products that already exist in your OrderWise system, your existing records will be updated to match the Luckins database. This includes suppliers, manufacturers and documents such as images and spec sheets.

This connection between OrderWise and Luckins is yet another example of the superiority of streamlining your operations. Having your product databases talking in a language that your WMS, your accounts, and your purchase ordering systems can all understand, can save you yet more time, yet more money, and bring your business the extra speed and energy it needs to move it that next step forward.