Robotic Warehouses - the future, today

robotic warehouse

Discover the reality of the Robotic Warehouse

The idea of a robotic warehouse may sound complicated, far fetched, and ultimately unnecessary. The kind of thing that only mega-corporations and true technological titans invest in, not for more run-of-the-mill businesses with more prosaic concerns.

In truth, hyper-firms invest in robotic warehouse technology to solve the same problems other businesses deal with everyday. That’s why there has been so much pressure to make the technology more accessible. This way, many more businesses can enjoy the following advantages:

Consistent performance

With different teams on varying shifts amidst changing seasons, your warehouse’s productivity is often in flux. Some staff will be better than others. Some teams will sync better with your operations. These are all issues that you have to adapt and adjust for when dealing with a manually operated warehouse.

With a robotic warehouse, your operations become much more predictable. You can rely on a specific level of operational excellence at all times. With a more predictable pattern, things become much easier to plan. You can count on your warehouse and its functionality in a way that just isn’t possible with manual operations.

Extreme accuracy

With manually operated warehouses comes the natural risk of human error. People get distracted. Problems need correcting. Orders go to the wrong place at the wrong time thanks to the mistakes of sub-par employees. These kinds of problems are often tolerated as inevitable necessities, even though they can ruin a businesses reputation.

With a robotic warehouse, accuracy can see dramatic improvements. Huge bodies of tasks that were previously vulnerable to human error can instead be redirected elsewhere. This allows a level of confidence and certainty previously unheard of. When you can be supremely certain in your warehouse operation, the potential for your business’s future becomes unparalleled. Such is the advantage of the robotic warehouse.

Persistent operations

The robotic warehouse has the option of continuing to operate effectively far beyond business hours. Even when there are no people to pick products or no staff to sort selections, the robotic warehouse can continue.

Robotic warehouses can process orders that arrive any time of day or night. With 24/7 operations, robots can continuously line up and organise items. The next morning, the previous night’s orders are the first to head out the door. This gives your business the kind of extra efficient edge that seperates gargantuan growth and sluggish stagnancy.

Optimised staff

Pickers spend between 50%-70% of their time performing a task that is at most, only tangentially connected with picking. Not organising pick lists. Not sorting out staff rotas. Not moving items to their optimal positioning. No, they spend 50%-70% of their time walking between storage bins.

A robotic warehouse allows you to recoup all that lost time and make the very most out of it. With robots now taking over the movement, your staff can work on processing returns, co-ordinating goods in, training fellow employees with new tech, and any number of other valuable tasks.

The future, today

The robotic warehouse isn’t just a future idea that might happen one day. More and more businesses are making use of them now. Not just industry giants. In the short to medium term, you have to ask yourself, which would you rather be – someone enjoying all of these advantages, or someone competing against people enjoying these benefits.