Remove rekeying right away

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Discover why rekeying is a redundant process, and what you can do to get rid of it today

Rekeying. A repetitive, and really rather redundantly annoying task. So many different ecommerce companies keep doing it because they think it’s the only way. Despite all the potential for errors, lost time, and sheer tedium of rekeying orders across different systems, the process seems an inexorable aspect of ecommerce operations.

Clearly, there needs to be a better way. Fortunately, there is.

With an integrated ecommerce solution, you can completely remove rekeying from your regular workflow. The OrderWise ecommerce module lets you sell swiftly across multiple ecommerce marketplaces – as well as your own website – with the simplicity of a single system workflow.

This might sound like a big fix for what you imagine to be a small problem. In reality though, rekeying causes much more trouble than it has ever been worth. Consider the following reasons why you need to remove regular rekeying from your workflow.

Rekeying is really expensive

The work generated by rekeying orders and other related tasks often forces you to hire more people to keep on top of all the processing work.

If you simply pass it off to someone as a secondary task, it won’t get done right. Mistakes will mount up, and a plethora of problems will pile at your office door. So you need to hire more people, which is always expensive. Advertising the position, reading through resumes, human resources costs, induction time… the list of expenses piles up pretty quickly.

Streamline your staff so everyone is doing something useful. Remove rekeying and replace it with integrated ecommerce.

Rekeying can ruin reputations

Murphy’s law tells us that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Put another way, the more complex a system is, the more ways there are for it to breakdown.

Rekeying riddles your operations with possible points where problematic errors can emerge. Orders can get mistakes. Listings get entered wrong. Everything functions sluggishly. To remain competitive, your business needs every last ounce of good reputation it can get. In that environment, rekeying is a risky play. A risk you don’t need to take. Realise the opportunity you have, and remove rekeying. An integrated ecommerce option is the way to go.

Rekeying is repetitive

You don’t want your team tied up in tedious tasks when they don’t need to be. What is the point of having good employees performing dull tasks? It lowers staff morale and it wastes time. The only answer to do boring tasks is when “It’s work that must get done” but in the case of rekeying, that simply isn’t true. No one needs rekeying anymore. It’s obsolete. The need to operate on multiple online marketplaces has lead to innovative replacements for rekeying. Discover the real potential offered by integrated ecommerce.

Learn more about what OrderWise can offer to your ecommerce operation, your retail business, or any other occasion where rekeying has been an issue. Talk to one of our customer success managers today.